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English Tack

Halter Padding

Shop for English tack that offers shock-absorption, comfort, and style.

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  • Thinline Halter with Padding
    halter liners
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    Halter Padding

    Stays incredibly clean, will never rub.
  • dressage reins
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    ThinLine English Reins

    The perfect feel, and the most secure connection.
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    Gatorbootz Bell Boot

    Durability with a dirt-free latching system.
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    Ride Right Stirrup Wrap

    Non-slip, shock-absorbing stirrup pad with patented knee relief.
  • ThinLine Splint Boot
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    Flexible Filly Closed Front Splint Boots

    Breathable, comfortable protection.
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    Halter Cheek Liners

    Protect delicate horse cheeks from rubs.
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    ThinLine Chin, Poll & Noseband Guard

    Poll, chin, or noseband pressure relief.
  • ThinLine Hoof Pads
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    ThinLine Horse Hoof Protection Pads

    Weight distributing & shock-absorbing care.
  • Free
    seat saver
    seat saver
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    Seat Saver for English Riders

    Delivers a quieter seat & cool comfort.
    From: $54.00
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    Schooling Open Front & Ankle Horse Boots

    Great durability, easy care.
  • girth dressage
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    Short Girth – Dressage & Monoflap

    Soft, flexible, non-slip, pressure-relieving, anti-microbial.
  • Thinline anatomical girth
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    Anatomic Hunter Jumper Girth

    So supple you can see it. No-slip, no rub easy care.
  • lined hunter rein
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    ThinLine Lined English Reins

    Hunter ring approved soft & relaxed connection.
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    Flexible Filly Air Shock Horse Boots

    Lightweight boots, heavyweight protection.
  • pastern wrap
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    ThinLine Pastern Wraps

    Easy to care for pastern protection.

A few FAQs we think you may find helpful:

  • What is the difference between the lined reins and the wrapped reins?
    • Lined reins just have the foam on one side. They are thinner. Wrapped reins are thicker, with the ThinLine foam wrapped around the entire rein. 
    • The lined reins are show-ring appropriate and offer classic style with ThinLine comfort! If you don’t like to ride with gloves, you will love the wrapped reins!
  • Should I put ThinLine horse boots in the wash?
    • One of the best parts about ThinLine is how easy it is just to rinse off! If there is extra dirt, mild soap and a sponge are helpful.