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  • Hi,
    My name is Emma Schwartz and I ride at Stowaway Hunter Jumpers in Watertown, Wisconsin. I just wanted to contact you and say how much my trainers (Mark and Amy Aplin) and I love using your products. I recently moved to the barn and Amy recommend using the trifecta pad as it takes pressure off of the horse and helps to preserve saddle fit, which has been an issue for my mare in the past. I quickly noticed that every single one of the horses at the barn goes in some variation of that pad as there is a noticeable difference when using them. Amy is always one for research and will not recommend a product unless she sees a difference. From the 2’6” hunters to her own personal Grand Prix Jumper Amy will always have a thineline under her saddle and so will any of us at the barn. We just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful product and for how much it has helped our horses and their performance. We would love to have a thineline banner to put up at the shows to represent our love for your products!
    Stowaway Hunter Jumpers

    Emma Schwartz, Wisconsin
  • Dear ThinLine,

    I am writing just to say thank you. Thank you for making quality products! I have been using my half pad for years, it’s durable, my horses love it, and it definitely evens weight distribution. I recently ordered your flexible filly grazing muzzles for my two super easy keepers. Theses muzzles are by far the best I have found. I absolutely love how lightweight they are, and the fact that I can easily clean them between uses. I cannot speak to their durability yet but I believe they are a quality product and expect they will hold up very well. Thank you for caring about your customers enough to introduce your team, in my opinion that was an amazing decision and it really resonated with me. I hope this finds everyone well in these uncertain times and I applaud your business model and products.

    Stay Safe, and wash your hands!

    Wendy Bowles
    A very satisfied customer
  • Received the pad. This pad is magic. First ride it changed everything for me and my horse. I am 72 and had been a professional in my youth but due to a TBI. I had lost a lot of balance and rode rather hard. First time with this pad, my horse returned to the professional level, my balance straightened up, and I can ride again. Thank you!

    Kay Stroh
  • Lisa,
    This pad is amazing! Do you all do sponsorships or need a western/barrel racing dealer. If so, how would that work? I am about to start talking this up like crazy!
    I purchased the Contender Western Square by Back on Track because my filly had a sore sacrum area to which I had given her a year off. During that time she had some growth spurts and grew withers. Oddly enough, after that, I could need keep my saddle from slipping and I was nervous to try a bunch of different pads on her in fear of making her back sore again. I chose this product because I liked the idea of the ceramic fabric and the shock absorption put together.
    If you remember my calls and email when it arrived, I was quite skeptical. I was even questioning if this was the correct item I ordered as I had never seen one before! I tried it out the night it arrived. It had been raining and miss priss doesn’t like to get her feet wet. I figured that was a great time to see what the pad felt like. I was amazed. Even with her refusing puddles and jumping around, I felt more stable in my saddle than I think I ever had! I even had my husband get on her and tell me that he thought. His words were, “It is amazing that something so small can make such a huge difference.”
    Before her year off, my filly clocked .5 second off of Sarah McDonald and Bling at the Florida State NBHA Finals. After bringing her back slowly, we were stuck in the 3D crack (1.5 seconds off) off some of the toughest competition currently in Florida. We entered two barrel races the weekend after receiving our thinline. The first day we were less than a half second off the leader and the next day we were less than a second (with rider error). The ONLY thing that had changed was this pad. The stability the pad provides, the fact that I do not have to cinch my horse as tight, and the proof she is running faster is everything I could have wanted out of this experience.

    Thank you SO much!
    Jessica Rosen

    Jessica Rosen, Texas
  • Hi there, I wanted to get in touch with you and let you know what a positive impact ThinLine has had with my riding. I am an Amercian Saddlebred trainer located east of Toronto, Ontario. We currently have 21 horses at our family owned/run facility as well as a number of students that train with us. About 10 years ago I was in a major car accident that caused a significant amount of back issues that were mainly soft tissue and very difficult to treat. This impacted my riding in a major way and there were moments when I thought I would have to give it up (not an easy feat for a 4th generation horse person as you can well imagine.) My husband and I went on a search to find something that might help that would work under a cutback saddleseat saddle. We discovered the ThinLine products at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto and were lucky enough to test the product while we were exhibiting one of our horses. I have been using both the ThinLine and Ultra ThinLine pads ever since. The decrease in my back pain while riding is remarkable: I find it next to impossible to ride without one and my horses love the benefit as well. All my students ride with the pads, and I have put a few other trainers in the states onto the pads as well. As I’m sure you are aware, saddleseat riders rarely use saddlepads to show in, but the ThinLine pads are discreet enough that they can be used to show in. While at home I use them between a baby pad and my saddle.

    Ashley Cook-Fletcher, Sterling Stables LLC
  • I have back problems.. I LOVE mine. Now the only time my back aches is if I’m doing a particularly tough/long lesson or school. But I can actually sit the trot with mine.

    I do find it helps my horse also. Shes much looser over her back.


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