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All of our saddle pads come with 2 panels of the famous shock absorbing ThinLine sewn onto different textile options which varies by  thicknesses and shape to best fit your saddle style.

ThinLine saddle pads are made in the USA, and are the only product endorsed by Spinal Surgeons (for riders) Master Saddlers (for best fit) Veterinarians (for equine back health) and International Trainers (for best horse and rider performance).

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The subcategories for our western pads include:

Popular Questions

Below you can see some of the common questions we’re asked about our western saddle pad range.

  • How do I know which textile I should select for my western saddle pad?
    • All textiles are of the highest quality available. ThinLine panels provide ultimate shock absorption, comfort, and protection. Pad textile choice comes down to personal preference!