English Half Pads For Horses

English half saddle pads for sale with cotton, fleece or sheepskin. With ThinLine shock absorbing breathable foam.

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Other similar product categories include full English tack and bareback saddle pads. We also have a treeless saddle pad range.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which English Half Pads are shimmable?

My saddle was professionally fitted to my horse; which pad is best for me?

    • If you do not need the option to shim your pad, we recommend our Perfect Fit Half Pad.  The full cotton Trifecta and the Trifecta with Sheepskin Trim without shims will not alter your saddle fit. 

How do I know if I need shims in my half pad?

    • Check with your saddle fitter but issues such as saddle balance, equine muscle imbalance and high withers can be easily and safely corrected with ThinLine shims, sold separately. Customize for fit with saddle fitting shims.

What size should I order?

      • Small- 16.5” seat and under
      • Medium- 17” & 17.5” seats
      • Large- 18” and over