Western Saddle Pads – Is Thinline The Best On The Market?

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The only product endorsed by surgeons, master saddlers & veterinarians.

 What makes ThinLine so different?

The manner in which this product absorbs motion encourages horses to lift their backs, developing strength and top-line.  It has been endorsed by Veterinarians, as well as Spinal Surgeons for Riders. ThinLine is a top pick for Master Saddlers around the world.  Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists carry the best western saddle pad on their trucks to keep horses going strong, supple, and relaxed. Trainers and riders find it a trusted product to improve rider equitation. Having a thicker pad does not ensure more comfort and shock absorption. Our state-of-the-art ThinLine material proves this.


Thinline Western pad\Selecting the Best Western Saddle Pad


It is the benefits of support, extraordinary shock absorption with motion reduction that really sets ThinLine apart from other saddle pads.

What is ThinLine?

ThinLine is a unique, open-cell foam that moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption.  But don’t let all the testing and technology get in the way of what really happens; extraneous motion and impact are nearly eliminated, leading to comfort and a quiet connection for both parties.  All this is delivered in a breathable product that is guaranteed to become your horse’s favorite saddle pad.  Every ThinLine therapeutic saddle pad comes with this extraordinary technology.  Pads (except basics & perfect fit) also come with a pocket to add saddle fitting shims, also made of the same shock-absorbing, nonslip, and breathable foam.

It’s about ThinLine comfort, but we offer many textiles, prints, and shapes.

We frequently receive questions regarding which ThinLine saddle pad is the best.  One is not superior to another,  all our pads incorporate shock-absorbing ThinLine foam. However, the textile the ThinLine is sewn onto differs to accommodate lifestyle, equine conformation, and saddle styles.  Every single ThinLine product offers the same performance and protection.

ThinLine has a western saddle pad for all western disciplines like reining, barrel racing, trail riding, cutting cows, and everything in between. We even have treeless saddle pads, square pads, and round skirted pads for western saddles and western tack of all styles.

One of the best western saddle pads we have created is our Woven Wool saddle pad. This is made with medical-grade materials. The wool’s breathable qualities draw sweat away from the skin and are moisture-wicking. The wool stays snug and won’t pull away like other brands.


ThinLine (3/16″):  Sewn onto all of our saddle pads. It is the thinnest version of the famous shock-absorbing material.  ThinLine is the only product endorsed by Spinal surgeons for rider back protection.  In addition to absorbing shock, it also reduces spine movement, which is why equitation riders love this product.  When riders are able to sit quietly the communication with their equines is greatly improved and is part of why horses love it so much.

Shimming for protection and saddle fit

ThinLine features an open shimming pocket, allowing you to place and stack shock & pressure absorbing shims only where you need them.

Underneath the ThinLine layer is an open pocket to insert shims. Your saddle will fit better and your horse will use his back better and stay sounder longer.  Shims are made of the same amazing ThinLine material.

By adding the Full Trim to fit shim to your order you may boost the protection or create many shimming options.

  • Front Shims: Provide lift in the wither area.
  • Bridging Shims: Fill in gaps over the top line.
  • Rear Shims: Lift the cantle of the saddle for perfect balance.
  • Full Trim To Fit Shim: Can be used to create extra lift if needed for the full length of the panels.

western saddle fit shims

We offer a solution for all of your saddle fit needs.

High Withers or Mutton Withers? Sway back? Sore back?

You may stack up to 3 sets of our shock-absorbing shims in one area.  The full ThinLine Full Trim to Fit Shim is available for every pad.

adjustable padsadd shims to the saddle pad

Solutions for Mutton Withers

While any ThinLine pad will work, we recommend looking at our Western Pro-Tech or Basic Pads.

choosing a western saddle padThinline pad


Solution for both low withered and high withered horses

All other ThinLine pads have a 4.5 inch wither profile. Higher than the industry average. This greatly improves fit and comfort for the horse.  ThinLine pads will nestle nicely along their back and the wither will be free of pressure. Check out our contoured pads that are available in several colors and styles.

Did You Know? ThinLine has a pad for every riding style!

Long trail rides, gaming shows, a day spent herding cattle, or champion reining horses don’t require thicker pads that make horses sweaty. Keep your horse cool with our a top quality saddle pad no matter what discipline you enjoy.

Full Saddle Pads, Half Pads, or Liners?

Many of our saddle pads are designed to be used alone.  But if you would like to place a western show pad on top we do offer several liners: Cotton (in 3 sizes), felt (in a 30 x 30 square). Other brands make chunkier pads stuffed with thick wool that doesn’t keep your horse cool or allow you to feel your horse’s withers and movement. No matter which ThinLine style you select, it wicks moisture!

Our pro-tech saddle pad and premium pro-tech saddle pad both offer a wither relief notch and features a mesh spine band so your horse has an incredibly breathable pad. Both of these pads are made of felt. Our premium pad features virgin wool felt.

Selecting the Best Western Saddle PadSelecting the Best Western Saddle Pad



Square Western pads are available in 30″ x 30″ and 30″ x 32″.  Rounded Skirts are available for Barrel Saddles.  We also offer endurance pads, english half pads, english full pads, pads for dressage saddles, and bareback pads.


pad under a western saddle

a brown western saddle


ThinLine Also Makes English Saddle Pads

English Half Pads

The Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin trim is designed to be used in conjunction with other show pads


Hunter Pad White 17416 W Rear 1

How do I know ThinLine is delivering the comfort and protection my horse needs?

After receiving your pad, ride in it daily for at least a week.  Initially, you may simply notice things like; “my horse was great today, my seat and aids were soft and effective”, great job!   After at least a week of riding daily do the following test to check out your pads’ effectiveness.   Begin your warm-up with the ThinLine. Warm-up your horse then remove the ThinLine and ride normally.  This is when you will see just how much your horse is loving his/her pad.  You are on your way to a better ride.

Money-Back Guarantee: We are riders making products for riders and understand how important the time we have with our horses is. We want every ride to be the best ride.  If you feel ThinLine is not delivering what you need, all products may be returned for a full refund within 30 days. Around the world, this product has helped both riders and horses work happier together. We hope our 30-day satisfaction guarantee will help you have the confidence to try this amazing material!

Selecting the Best Western Saddle Pad: Now you should have all the information you need.  There is no wrong choice, as long as your saddle fits on the pad.  It is the ThinLine that makes all the difference for you and your horse.  The other options such as textiles, shapes, and colors are just variations to suit your lifestyle. All pads create extraordinary comfort and increased performance for both horse and rider.  We hope to see you and your horse working happily together in a ThinLine soon.

Care & Washing Instructions

All our shock-absorbing saddle pads are easy to care for. Some can be cleaned on a machine wash gentle cycle. Basic and Perfect Fit Pads just need to be wiped off with a damp cloth! See all the care instructions here.

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