Horse Girth & Cinch

Our Western and English horse cinches and girths are made for sensitive or hard-working horses. Eliminate girthy behaviors, rubs, and improve the overall comfort for your horse.

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Popular Questions

Below are some common questions we’re asked about our girth and cinch category.

  • Can I just rinse my girth off after I ride?
    • Yes! Simply run water over the ThinLine and pat dry or hang to air dry.
  • Does the dressage girth come with d-rings?
    • Recently we have added this option.
  • What are they made of? Neoprene?
    • The girths and cinches are made with ThinLine open-cell foam against your horse. Soft against the skin and grippy enough that there‚Äôs no need to over-tighten. Antimicrobial