The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.


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    ThinLine Grazing Muzzle
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    Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

    Soft, comfortable, effective.
    From: $69.00
  • thinline-halter
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    Turnout Halter

    For perfect muzzle fit.
  • Thinline Halter with Padding
    halter liners
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    Halter Padding

    Stays incredibly clean, will never rub.
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    ThinLine Shoe Insoles

    Ever wondered why horses love ThinLine? Try these.
  • muzzle zip ties
    muzzle zip ties
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  • dressage reins
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    ThinLine English Reins

    The perfect feel, and the most secure connection.
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    Gatorbootz Bell Boot

    Durability with a dirt-free latching system.
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    Basic English Saddle Pads

    Back protection for both horse and rider.
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    ThinLine Bareback Saddle Pad

    Stable, shock absorbing comfort.
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    English Trim-to-Fit Saddle Fitting Shims (Pair)

    Saddle fitting shims proven to increase equine comfort.  
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    Ride Right Stirrup Wrap

    Non-slip, shock-absorbing stirrup pad with patented knee relief.
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    busy buddy
    busy buddy
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    Busy Buddy

    A relaxation tool for your horse.
    From: $21.00
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    Trifecta Cotton Half Pad

    Versatile protection, shims available.
    From: $195.00
  • ThinLine Splint Boot
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    Flexible Filly Closed Front Splint Boots

    Breathable, comfortable protection.
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    Halter Cheek Liners

    Protect delicate horse cheeks from rubs.
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    horse half pad with sheepskin rolls
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    Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls

    Low profile sheepskin, mesh spine band, ThinLine protection makes this top seller.
    From: $220.00
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    ThinLine Chin, Poll & Noseband Guard

    Poll, chin, or noseband pressure relief.
  • ThinLine Hoof Pads
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    ThinLine Horse Hoof Protection Pads

    Weight distributing & shock-absorbing care.
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    Full Sheepskin Needled Wool
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    Full Sheepskin Trifecta Half Pad

    Luxurious Merino Sheepskin and ThinLine.
    From: $270.00
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    Western Trim-to-Fit Shims (Pair)

    Shims can be stacked & layered.
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  • western no slip comfort cinch
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    Western Cinch

    No dirt, no rub, the workman's choice.
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    Lockdown Hitch Pin

    Take the hassle out of arena drags and farm equipment.