Adjustable Saddle Pad Shims & Shimmable Saddle Pads

Create a more than just a comfortable fit by shimming with the best therapeutic materials.

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What is ThinLine?

ThinLine is a thin, shock-absorbing non-slip breathable foam.

Why use ThinLine as a shim?

It is the most effective pressure-relieving and shock-absorbing foam available.  It never compresses, meaning your shims will last a lifetime and will never shift or degrade in any way and allows you to customize the fit of your saddle with our line of shimmable saddle pads.

What type of saddle fit problems can adjustable pad shims solve?

  • High Withers: Add front shims to any pad.
  • Mutton Withers: Any ThinLine pad without saddle fitting shims.
  • Hollow or Sway  Backs: Add bridging shims.
  • Rider Balance: Adding a pair of shims to one side can fix balance issues.
  • Saddle Balance: Front or rear shims, depending on your issue.
  • Saddle Slippage: Generally no shims are needed, the ThinLine pad alone will solve this.
  • Saddle Pad Slippage: Generally your tree is too wide. Add a full or front shim.
  • Equine or Rider Back Soreness: No shims needed, ThinLine protects both.
  • Equine Asymmetry: Place both of the pair of shims on the hollow side.
  • Kissing Spine Relief: Add a full shim to any ThinLine pad.
  • Treeless Saddle Pad Comfort: Add a full Shim to any ThinLine pad.

For major saddle fit issues please seek a professional saddle fitter for help.

ThinLine Trim To Fit Shims: A pair of full-length shims scored with suggested guidelines.

Available in  ThinLine (3/16″) 4.8mm

Use the guidelines to create exactly what you need. Front | Bridging |Rear | Leave as a full shim.

The trim-to-fit full shim is the most economical way to always have what you need for every horse.  If you only need to shim in one area, cut them to lay exactly where you need them in the open pocket of a ThinLine pad. The remainder can be used to add additional height by stacking several trimmed pieces on top of each other. As your horse grows and changes you now have several sets of shims for fine-tuning saddle fit.  Or, boost your overall ThinLine protection and comfort by using the full shim. The most cost-effective and versatile way to shim your pad!

Stacking and Layering Saddle Fitting Shims

  • ThinLine English and Western saddle pads accept up to three shims stacked in a single location.
  • Layering sets of shims will create an even transition for major saddle fit issues.

How to Order Saddle Fitting Shims

Select a ThinLine Saddle Pad.  Directly below the product, you will see “Add Trim To Fit Shim”, simply check the box! Saddle fitting with this shock-absorbing foam provides balance, comfort, and protection for horse and rider.

With or without shims, ThinLine protects horses and creates a better saddle fit. Master Saddlers and ThinLine developed a shimming system designed to create a custom-like saddle fit while also providing shock-absorbing, pressure-relieving benefits. ThinLine saddle fitting shims are made from the same trademark foam found on ThinLine pads. Shims are easily inserted or removed and will stay in place during riding and washing.  Now adjusting your saddle also provides more ThinLine comfort. The full, open panel allows you to place shims exactly where you need them. Stack up to three pairs of shims in the same location at once.


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The ThinLine moves impact laterally across the pad instead of up into the rider’s spine thus reducing back strain, providing wear and tear protection for riders’ spines while improving equitation and delivering a close contact feel.



ThinLine Saddle Pads are Endorsed by Spinal Surgeons.

Improved equitation and shock absorption in a ThinLine Pad is quite measurable.

Master Saddlers endorse ThinLine. 

So many horses improve top-line muscle tone by using ThinLine.  Master Saddler Cordia Person (CSF) educates saddle fitters on how to shim with ThinLine.