The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.

ThinLine Tack Technology

ThinLine Saddle Pad Technology – a shock-absorbing breathable, non-slip foam with a number of extraordinary features.

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Back Protection for Both Horse & Rider

The way ThinLine absorbs shock and reduces pressure points is what makes your horse happy and free in the back. The ThinLine ventilates heat across the pad and in addition to its 95% shock absorbency, is also non-slip. Most importantly to your horse is how these pads create stability and support, generating confidence and freedom of movement.

Benefits for the Rider

ThinLine gives you a confident, freely moving horse you can sit with ease!

ThinLines’ slim design puts you in closer contact with your horse while providing them with all the protection of much thicker pads. You’ll feel the horse moving bigger, but with the extraordinary shock absorption of ThinLine, you will be moving in unison with your mount. The ThinLine layer sewn onto the pad has a 95% shock absorption rate that spreads impact LATERALLY across the pad. The motion you feel under you as you ride is absorbed by the ThinLine and transferred ACROSS the pad instead of UP into your spine. This same shock absorption benefit is enjoyed by your horse as well. Lose the bulk so your leg can easily drape, giving you a seamless feel of his sides.

ThinLine Tack Technology Endorsements

ThinLine is endorsed by spinal surgeons for rider back protection. In addition to absorbing shock, ThinLine is profoundly effective at reducing spine movement causing riders to sit more quietly improving communication with their equines. This is why both horses and riders love it so much.

ThinLine is endorsed by Veterinarians for horses with Kissing Spine and is recommended as a preventative product for equine sore backs.

ThinLine is also endorsed by Master Saddlers because of its’ shimming system. The open pocket design allows fitters to create a perfect fit through the addition of shims on any challenging topline, shoulder, or wither height providing therapeutic benefits to both horse and rider.

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ThinLine Tack Technology’s Manufacturing Process

Beginning as a liquid, open cells are poured and then polarized, so each cell lies end-to-end. Another layer is poured and then polarized in a new direction. This process is repeated hundreds of times to create a honeycomb matrix formation allowing impact and heat to move laterally ACROSS the ThinLine pad for unparalleled comfort for both horse and rider. Riders will also love how the open-cell horse tack technology transfers recoil off the horse’s back laterally rather than directly up into the base of the rider’s spine.

Think of ThinLine like rings from a pebble tossed in a pond; shock, weight, and heat are moved laterally away from the horse and rider’s spines.

This is our exclusive technology and the reason nothing else performs like ThinLine.

Why ThinLine

How it works in Horse Tack

The integrity and softness of the material allow ThinLine to flex and stretch over high withers, around bones, splints, girths, or saddle pressure points without bottoming out like memory foam or moving like gel.

Body temperature warms the ThinLine material allowing it to conform to the horse to support tendons and muscles, and relieve pressure and impact. When returned to room temperature, 75° F, it rebounds to its original shape.

Durability: The life span of this ThinLine with proper care can easily exceed a decade.

ThinLine, or ThinLine+ Saddle Pads?

ThinLine 3/16″, 4.7mm.

ThinLine material is the thinnest option designed to protect horse and rider backs by eliciting a soft, quiet, elastic connection. The ThinLine foam reduces the extraneous ‘background noise’ of your movement, allowing your horse to balance and focus better. It also makes your seat aides clearer and more effective. So thin, it will not alter custom saddle fit. Additionally, it can clear up small saddle fit issues all on its own. This thickness is sewn onto all of our shimmable saddle pads.


ThinLine+ 1/4″, 6.3mm.

Our thicker option offers a higher level of protection and is best suited for horses with sore backs or who are exposed to frequent and sudden impacts – endurance, jumpers, or cutting horses, to name a few. ThinLine+ is a great choice for beginner riders and young horses in training.

ThinLine+ (available in black only) is available in a Basic Pad, OR you may add ThinLine Full Shims to any Shimmable ThinLine pad giving you the flexibility to switch back and forth between a ThinLine or a ThinLinePlus+ ride. Adding the full shim gives you more ThinLine protection without altering the saddle fit.

Which Non-Slip Saddle Pad To Choose?

We frequently receive questions regarding which ThinLine pad is the best. Every ThinLine Pad is made with this amazing material. You simply choose the style of pad you like and the size to fit your saddle. ThinLine, sewn onto different textiles, provides you with the perfect pad for all saddles and lifestyles. Every single ThinLine product offers the same performance and protection. Every pad, except the basic (just a sheet of the shock-absorbing foam), has a pocket to add saddle-fitting shims. Click the Shop Now button to see the full line.