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This is a custom halter designed for use with our Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle.  These halters have special sewn in keeper areas to ensure your muzzle stays in place and does not rub.

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Popular Questions

Below are some common question we’re asked about our halter.

What Is The Difference Between a Standard Halter & Breakaway Halter?

A standard horse halter and a breakaway horse halter are both pieces of equipment used to handle and control horses, but they differ in their design and purpose, primarily concerning safety. Here are the key differences between the two:

  1. Standard Horse Halter:
    • Design: A standard horse halter is typically made of nylon, leather, or other durable materials and consists of a headstall that goes around the horse’s head, a noseband, and cheekpieces that attach to the headstall.
    • Purpose: The standard horse halter is primarily used for leading, tying, grooming, and other everyday handling tasks. It provides control and restraint over the horse when necessary.
  2. Breakaway Horse Halter:
    • Design: A breakaway horse halter is designed with safety in mind. It has a special feature that allows it to break apart or release under certain conditions to prevent injury to the horse.
    • Breakaway Mechanism: The breakaway feature is typically a breakable leather, nylon, or Velcro strap located either behind the horse’s ears, on the cheekpieces, or at the throat latch area. In the event of extreme pressure or entanglement, this strap will give way, allowing the halter to come apart and release the horse.
    • Purpose: The primary purpose of a breakaway halter is to reduce the risk of injury in situations where a horse might panic, become entangled, or get caught on an object. It is often used in turnout or when horses are unsupervised, as it can help prevent accidents that could occur if the horse were to get caught on a fence or other objects.

Breakaway halters are particularly useful for horses that are turned out in pastures or kept in situations where they might be at risk of getting entangled in their halter. In these cases, the breakaway feature can prevent serious injuries that may occur if the horse cannot free itself from the halter.

Horse owners often use both types of halters depending on the specific needs and circumstances of their horses.