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Sponsored Riders

Wondering why so many riders use ThinLine?

Meet elite equestrians who love ThinLine, such as talented Olympians and world-class athletes across many disciplines.



Anne Kursinski

Anne Kursinski is a five-time Olympian with two team silver medals. In 1991, the U.S. Olympic Committee voted her Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year. She won individual and team gold medals in the Caracus, Venezuela Pan-American Games. In 1988 and 1992 Anne was named AHSA Horsewoman of the Year and 1995 she was Equestrian of the Year. She was inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame in 2017.
Anne has won nearly every major equestrian competition there is to win. Some of her major wins include the Grand Prix of Aachen, the American Invitational, the American Gold Cup, the Hampton Classic, the Grand Prix of Rome and the Gran Premio Pulsar in Monterrey, Mexico. She has ridden on 47 U.S. Nations’ Cups teams, and she has competed in 10 World Cup Finals. Anne has been a member of 3 U.S. World Equestrian Games Teams.

She is a USHJA clinician, a member of the USHJA and USET Executive Committees, and USEF Board of Directors. Anne is the Chef d’Equipe for the U.S. Show Jumping Development program and was a selector for the 2014 WEG bronze medal-winning U.S. team in Normandy, France, and the 2016 Rio Olympics’ Silver Medal Winning U.S. team. Anne also has an online instructional site, Riding and Jumping Mentor where members benefit from her vast knowledge via instructional videos and articles. “The online teaching site allows me to help people who I may not have had the opportunity to assist”, said Kursinski. Location, finances, and confidence are factors that can limit many amateur riders. She has recently added virtual lessons to her offerings. Riders can send videos for Anne to critique or take a live virtual lesson with the use of Skype or Facetime. For more information go to

Kursinski enjoys teaching clinics all over the country as well as her regular clients and students. Watching them learn and be successful is very gratifying for her. She also assists students and professionals that ship in for lessons and meet her at the shows.


Jennifer WilliamsJennifer Williams thinline

“Thinline pads have been a total game-changer for me. With so many different types of horses, it’s so important to me that every horse that I ride is at its most comfortable when in its saddle. Thinline makes it possible to shim and tweak saddle fit for optimal comfort and performance so that my horses feel their absolute best.” – Jennifer




unnamed 1Mel Montagano

“As riders, I believe we all suffer from some sort of physical pain after so many years in the saddle. ThinLine has offered us a remedy for that pain. I ride with the English reins to relieve my carpal tunnel and the Trifecta half pad for the disc pain in my back. The ThinLine technology allows me to sit easier and softer in the saddle by dispersing and absorbing the shock created during training. Therefore, my horse’s back is better protected and less sore. When a horse is sore during training they overcompensate with other parts in their body which can ultimately lead to injury.

I also consider Thinline not only a remedy but a preventative tool. Every horse in my training program has their saddle fit appropriately with the addition of a ThinLine pad. It’s also very important to me that these products are cruelty-free!” – Mel


PC Terri Miller 5 1Kim McGrath

Testimonials from Kim:

  • Busy Buddy: “A few of my horses can get a little rowdy for the farrier and this has really helped them stay relaxed and settled during the shoeing process.”
  • “I have been a fan of the Trifecta Half Pad for years and truly notice a difference when using them to help to protect my horses’ backs and improve saddle fit.”
  • “I am always looking for ways to improve and making sure that I am protecting my horses’ backs is at the top of the list! A few years ago, I started using the Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls and was blown away with the results. Not only does it have the famous ThinLine technology with breathable foam, but it helps reduce rider movement and provides shock absorption to protect the horse’s back, and is shimmable for a customized saddle fit. It’s a win-win for me.”

image1 1Kieran Donaldson

My barn is filled with all sorts of ThinLine products. Both myself and all of my riders use ThinLine half pads for every single ride. I love the durability, comfort, and support they offer.

They make saddle fit a breeze, and it is very clear the comfort and protection they offer to each individual horse.

Some other favorites are the Flexible Filly boots, the Busy Buddy, and you can’t forget about the shoe insoles that go in every single pair of boots I wear! ThinLine products are a total game-changer for all of us here at CM Farms. -Kieran Donaldson

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Robin Birk

Robin has over 45 years of experience with horses and has been riding since the age of 5. Robin spent most of her early years riding hunters and then moved on to open jumpers. For the last 25 years, Robin’s passion has been in the development and training of dressage horses.

She is an FEI-level competitor and is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist. In 2013, Robin graduated from the USDF L Judging Training Program with Distinction and is currently licensed with the USEF as a ‘r’ dressage judge. In 2020, Robin is also an approved young horse trainer by the American Hanoverian Society (AHS). Robin has also won a USDF Horse of the Year Award and has held other national rankings. Robin has placed at many regional shows and has achieved many other high point show awards and WPDA and TREA year-end awards.

Robin has ridden with many national-level clinicians including Laura Graves, Steffan Peters, Jane Savoie, Linda Zang, Walter Zettl, Betsy Steiner, Janet Foy, Jeremy Steinberg, Dolly Hannon “S”. Robin has been a student of Michael Bragdell of Hilltop Farm, Inc. for the last several years.


Lauren Terrell

Lauren Terrell

Lauren Terrell has been using Thinline western saddle pads for over 5 years and is also a western saddle fitter & trainer.
She doesn’t use any other pads than Thinline, and she has never had any horses come up sore. She resides in Florida at LJT Performance Horses & has won many buckles and awards. Her goal is to continue training, selling, and breeding horses that will excel not only in the barrel racing world but in any discipline. Her favorite pad is the Thinline Pro-Tech Western Felt Pad.



Alexandra Fredal

Alex is currently a Riding Instructor & USHJA Certified Trainer at Sweet Briar College in Virginia.

Alex is originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As a student at Seton Hill University, she was a four-year starter on their varsityScreen Shot 2021 11 15 at 3.38.34 PM IHSA team and earned many accolades, including three Regional Finals appearances, three Zone Finals appearances, and one appearance at the IHSA National Championship. She was the Zone 6 Open Equitation and Open Flat Champion in 2013, the Regional High Point Cacchione Cup Rider in 2012, and the Reserve Regional High Point Cacchione Cup Rider in 2013. At the 2012 IHSA National Championships, she placed 7th in the Open Equitation Over Fences division.

During her time at Tiffin University, she served as the assistant coach of their Varsity IHSA Team before becoming the Hunter/Jumper Instructor and IHSA/ANRC Coach at the University of Findlay from 2016-2019. Her time at Findlay includes Regional Team Championships in 2017-2019, Zone 6 Team Championships in 2017-2018, an 8th Place Team Finish at IHSA Nationals in 2018, a 12th Place Team Finish at IHSA Nationals in 2017, and many additional individual accolades at the Regional, Zone and National level.

In addition to her collegiate coaching experience, Alex has worked as a rider, trainer, and coach with various programs in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, and Canada. Most recently, she was working at Skypoint Farm and Cedarwild Farm, focusing on riding and training students and horses in the American Forward System of Riding. Additionally, Alex is a USHJA Certified Trainer, and an IEA approved Judge/Steward.



Kate Leggat

44062907 10215491221908147 4989230239499419648 nKate is an FEI level rider for Double H Farm, Oakland Stables, a trainer for Twin Oaks Ventures, and teaches clinics in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Kate says “ThinLine pads allow restriction-free movement of the horse while still giving the rider a great feeling of their back. The shims allow you to adjust the pad as their backs develop, giving them the protection and shock absorption they need without being too bulky.

The Trifecta pad with sheepskin rolls is my favorite!” – Kate Leggat


Andrea Gines

Andrea Gines

Andrea is an NBHA barrel racer. “Thinline products have played a crucial role in my mare, and I’s journey from using the bareback pad when first restarting her because my saddle didn’t fit to using the Thinline Western pad liner and felt pad in our everyday use.
Thanks to Thinline, Buku has been comfortable enough to use her brain without worrying about being painful, which helped her learn to use her body correctly to build the muscle she desperately needed. She’s now the horse of my dreams.
I have tried every pad on the market, and none of them compare to ThinLine.” – Andrea

Lily Rhodes

Lily Rhodes

My name is Lily Rhodes, and I am a 21-year-old right-arm amputee and para-equestrian. I began my riding career in dressage, transitioning to para-dressage after the amputation of my right arm in 2015.

Once I began college, I switched to the hunter/jumper world and have not looked back since. I now compete on my college’s IHSA team and love every second of it.

I am thankful for Thinline’s support to help me and the variety of horses I ride to perform their best. The ThinLine material really allows me to feel my horses much better, and the cotton on this pad is the softest I’ve ever encountered!




Malachi Hinton

“ThinLine products, especially the trifecta half pads, have been and will remain a staple among my horses’ equipment. The technology and thoughtful design of the saddle pads provide my horses with the best back and shock protection when training and competing. I can always trust ThinLine to keep my horses and me feeling our best.”

Malachi Hinton

As a junior rider, She competed and had top placings within the High Junior Jumper (1.40m/1.45m) division at top national shows such as the Devon Horse Show, HITS Culpeper, Tryon International Equestrian Center, and the Upperville Horse Show.

As one of the top five riders in the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) Zone 3, she qualified and competed at the 2016 Prix Des States Junior Jumper National Championships at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA placing within the top 20 individually in the nation. She is now focused on developing her team of horses to compete on the Grand Prix circuit.

She is also co-founder of the ShowAssist App (, the innovative mobile app for connecting owners, trainers, and riders to experienced grooms and other support staff at USEF/Equestrian Canada-rated hunter/jumper shows for short-term help when needed at the show ring and stall.


Abbey Lynn

Abbey Lynn

Abbey Lynn currently resides in Southern California at Legacy Equine Facility where they train and sell horses, specifically barrel horses. Originally from Pennsylvania, she has multiple buckles and high point awards and is in the process of training their horses to hit the rodeo road in the coming years in hopes of competing at the National Finals Rodeo.






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