How to saddle a sway back horse with a corrective pad

If your saddle is bridging. It has little to no contact in the center.  It is important to use a saddle pad that offers an open shimming system.  While there are many corrective pads on the market, each horse, saddle and saddle pad combination are different, shimming in the right place is the most important … Read more

Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review

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Many thanks to all our riders who have submitted their thoughts on the Contour Pad – Thinline.               Reasons to Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review. High impact riders such as eventers and show jumpers say: “This simple pad of ThinLine Plus gives my horse the … Read more

Neurosurgeon Author Of The Rider’s Pain-Free Back Recommends ThinLine Saddle Pads

Neurosurgeon Author Of The Rider’s Pain-Free Back Recommends ThinLine Saddle Pads  Pads Deemed Best by Dr. James Warson for Reducing Saddle Movement and Absorbing Shock ThinLine saddle pads are the preferred saddle pad choice of Dr. James Warson (ret), a neurosurgeon and lifelong horseman. In the new edition of his book with Ami Hendrickson, The … Read more

“Flexible Filly” Horse Boots Prove Impact Protection Can Be Lightweight, Flexible, and Durable

ThinLine Global introduces two styles of horse boots from its new Flexible Filly line: Closed-Front Splint Boots and Air Shock Horse Boots. Lined with ThinLine’s trademark, wafer-thin foam that delivers impact protection without compression, these new designs take horse boot technology and engineering to another level with exteriors compared to “flexible armor” and airbag inserts … Read more

ThinLine Global introduces the Flexible Filly Slow Feeder Grazing Muzzle

Unlike the typical heavy, hard, and “cage-like” apparatus common today, the Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle has been redesigned from the ground up, so it’s lighter and less confining for horses. Muzzles are an effective way to reduce a horse or pony’s grass intake (up to 83% according to one U.K. study). By reducing … Read more

Barrel Rider Compares Saddle Pad Movement to Performance

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  My name is Lauren Terrell, and I am 27-years-old and have been riding for 18 years. I live just outside of Daytona Beach, Florida. I ride and train horses for my company, LJT Performance. I currently compete in barrel race horse competitions around Central Florida. For the last 2.5 years, I have been training my … Read more

Introducing The Flexible Filly Line by ThinLine

Rethinking product designs leads to innovation in lightness and flexibility   ThinLine Global introduces its new Flexible Filly product line – products designed with “out-of-the-box thinking” to support and protect horses with minimal interference to their freedom. The new products include a slow feeder muzzle that breaks the mold of traditional muzzles, two styles of … Read more

How Can A Seat Saver Improve My Riding?

Improving our horseback riding with a saddle seat saver. It is a life-long adventure for every equestrian. Regardless of our goals; showing, working or just trail riding, every horseman wants to be his or her best and have a soft, relaxed and responsive connection with their horse. We collectively spend hours working with trainers, getting … Read more