Is Your Horse More At Risk For Laminitis In Autumn?

an overweight horses rump

As the leaves change colors and the air becomes crisp, you may not be aware your horses could be at risk for laminitis during these cooler fall months. While laminitis is commonly linked to spring grass, damp autumn conditions can also be hazardous. Knowing the risks and management tactics can safeguard equine health.  Awareness of … Read more

The Best Girths for Horses with Sensitive Skin

ThinLine dressage or monoflap girth

What makes the best girths for horses with sensitive skin? To answer that, while designing our girth and cinch, we thought about what bothers horses with sensitive skin and worked backward. Girths often have warm sweat underneath them, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to live. Hence making a home for fungus and … Read more

Spring Into Grazing Season

ThinLine Grazing Muzzle

ThinLine Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle The days are getting longer, daffodils and tulips are poking through the soil, The Girl Scouts just sold us cookies, and before you know it, spring will officially be in full swing. With it comes your horse’s favorite: fresh grass. It’s important for all horse owners to monitor their horse’s … Read more

Supporting the Older Equine with ThinLine


The aging process is natural, and with a little bit of understanding and support from a myriad of sources, riders can greatly improve their horse’s happiness as they learn to connect in a new way; focusing on long-term health, fitness, and wellness. Movement helps to keep strength and flexibility throughout a horse’s senior years. Here … Read more

Shock-absorption meets style & support in ThinLine Western Pads

Pro Tech Premium Wagon Wheel REV 2

Shopping for a new western saddle pad?  Thinline® has a pad to provide comfort and support for both horse and rider from barrel racers, ropers, trail riders, and everything in between. Each ThinLine Western saddle pad features a panel of our shock-absorbing foam. (See how we use this with our shock absorbing stirrups for knee … Read more

Horse Licking and Chewing: Busy Buddy for Relaxation

At first glance, the Busy Buddy appears to be a simple device with a big claim: equine relaxation. How could a piece of hospital grade Latex, comfortably resting in the horse’s mouth help them relax and be still? First conceived from the idea of a pacifier for horses, the Busy Buddy has helped 90% of … Read more

Laminitis – Help and hope for horses and their owners

One million times a year veterinarians are called to homes and barns across the USA because a horse has foundered.  We do not need to read the science to know this is one of the most painful experiences a horse can endure. Our worlds are turned upside down!  What can we do to make them better?  … Read more

How Can A Seat Saver Improve My Riding?

Improving our horseback riding with a saddle seat saver. It is a life-long adventure for every equestrian. Regardless of our goals; showing, working or just trail riding, every horseman wants to be his or her best and have a soft, relaxed and responsive connection with their horse. We collectively spend hours working with trainers, getting … Read more

ThinLine Horse Products Expand into Europe with

ThinLine is proud to announce the launch of a new partnership, this partnership, ThinLine, along with Laurens Vandelanotte, a member of the Society of Master Saddlers and an MSFC Qualified Saddle Fitter, is looking to better serve equestrians in and around Europe by having a base of operations closer to European equestrians. “ThinLine is loved … Read more

Kissing Spine In Horses: Therapeutic Saddle Pads Can Head Off Vet Bills


Often overlooked, under-treated and misunderstood. Kissing Spine in horses is frequently associated with bad behavior. Here at ThinLine, we are committed to making life better and happier for horses. After several years of working with veterinarians, trainers, and owners we have consolidated information on Kissing Spine in horses and put together a plan of action … Read more