Why Are Dressage and Jumping Saddle Pads Different Shapes & Have Different Purposes?

diagram of the shape of a dressage and a jumping saddle pad

    Whether you’re soaring over jumps or executing precise dressage movements, the right saddle pad can make a significant difference. Understanding the key aspects and benefits of these specialized pads is essential. In this article, we delve into frequently asked questions surrounding jumping and Dressage pads and explore their different shapes and purposes. Key … Read more

Our Guide To Grazing Muzzles – What Are They & Are They Suitable?

ThinLine Horse Grazing Muzzle

Agriculture and farming practices have greatly improved and enhanced grass and hay quality for our beloved equine partners. With these upgrades, it is important to consider the nutritional differences and how they will impact horses’ digestion and metabolic conditions. Horses’ digestive tracts were designed to constantly be taking in forage, but some horses may require … Read more

Busy Buddy Trial: What 10 horses think of Thinline’s Busy Buddy

The Busy Buddy is a multi-function tool that is perfect for mouthy, bored, or nervous horses. First conceived as a pacifier for horses, the Busy Buddy gives orally fixated horses something to chew on while also encouraging horse stress relief in those that may be tense. The Busy Buddy helps the horse remain in or … Read more

Busy Buddy for the Anxious Horse

The Busy Buddy is the ultimate relaxation tool for horses and can help to encourage your horse to relax in a variety of situations without having to use supplements, medications, or techniques such as twitching. The Busy Buddy helps the horse remain in or return to a parasympathetic state by restoring salivation, chewing/movement of the … Read more

Busy Buddy for Around the Barn

The Busy Buddy is a multi-function tool that proves itself useful to have around the barn. The following horses and owners were gifted a Busy Buddy and asked to test it out over the course of a month. From clipping overstimulation to a mouthy yearling, here are some ways that horses testing the Busy Buddy … Read more

Grazing Muzzle With Adjustable Grazing Hole

horse grazing in a muzzle

Unlike Other Muzzles on the market, the Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle is made of Supple, Lightweight Material, and Features An Adjustable Grazing Hole. ThinLine Global introduces a muzzle with an adjustable grazing hole size. Manufactured with food-grade resins this muzzle is comfortable, safe, and effective for the management of insulin resistance and other … Read more

ThinLine Riding Reins offer Security, Comfort, and Connection

Horse reins brown classic wrap thinline

 Hands down, our horse riding reins are one of the best products we do. By virtue of the ThinLine material, we are able to offer you a grip so great it promotes relaxation all the way from the riders hand up to their shoulder and through their upper back.  This is of course received by … Read more

Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review

202 on horse logo e1574106172486

Many thanks to all our riders who have submitted their thoughts on the Contour Pad – Thinline.               Reasons to Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review. High impact riders such as eventers and show jumpers say: “This simple pad of ThinLine Plus gives my horse the … Read more