“Flexible Filly” Horse Boots Prove Impact Protection Can Be Lightweight, Flexible, and Durable

ThinLine Global introduces two styles of horse boots from its new Flexible Filly line: Closed-Front Splint Boots and Air Shock Horse Boots. Lined with ThinLine’s trademark, wafer-thin foam that delivers impact protection without compression, these new designs take horse boot technology and engineering to another level with exteriors compared to “flexible armor” and airbag inserts for enhanced joint and tendon comfort and movement.

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Flexible Filly Air Shock Boots

Both boots were designed to meet the challenge of horse owners looking to protect their horses’ legs and tendons with a flexible, customized fit while being lightweight, well ventilated, dirt-resistant, and simple to clean.

Both the Flexible Filly Closed-Front Splint Boots and Air Shock Horse Boots have ThinLine’s trademark, open-cell technology, which lines the boots with a paper-thin foam that delivers impact protection without compressing pressure points such as wind puffs or splints.

Flexible Filly horse boots are lined with ThinLine beneath a breathable, flexible exterior, which solves the problems that many other horse boots present. Materials like neoprene limit shock absorption and retain heat and dirt. Sheepskin-lined and leather boots are difficult to keep clean, while gel boots are hot and clumsy to wear.

Flexible Filly Splint Boots

The Closed-Front Splint Boots have a Pro-Mesh exterior, best described as a “flexible armor” and engineered to be lightweight, breathable, and durable. The honeycomb, hexagon pattern design offers an ideal mix of protection, strength, flexibility, and air flow, while keeping out grit and sand.

The Air Shock Horse Boots feature offset “strike guards” that flex slightly upon impact which reduces and disperses the force of the blow. An airbag insert beneath the strike guards runs the length of the tendon. These inserts are flexible, enhancing the fit and comfort of the boots to allow for freer joint, tendon, and ligament movement.

Look for Flexible Filly Closed-Front Splint Boots and Air Shock Horse Boots online or at select equestrian retailers.

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