Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review

ThinLine+ Basic Contour Pad

Many thanks to all our riders who have submitted their thoughts on the Contour Pad – Thinline.

202-B Basic Contour Saddle Pad








Reasons to Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review.

  1. High impact riders such as eventers and show jumpers say: “This simple pad of ThinLine Plus gives my horse the thickest ThinLine performance foam which absorbs 95% of all shock and rider impact.”
  2. Saddle Fitters say, “I Finally have the correct saddle fit for this horse and rider combination but she rides several horses in the same saddle, the ThinLine Plus Contour Pad does not affect the custom fit and it aids in a better fit for her other horses. Great!!”
  3. Competitive Show Riders say: This pad is tailored and discrete. The ThinLine+ Basic Contour Pad puts the focus on you and your horse, not your gear.  It keeps my horses back free from discomfort without the need for drugs or expensive treatments.
  4. Trail Riders speak about Saddles slipping: ThinLine + Basic Contour Pad’s unique design puts more ThinLine under your stirrup bars and saddle flaps to prevent left to right saddle slip.
  5. Budget Conscious Riders Say:  “The Basic Contour Pad offers maximum protection and comfort at an affordable price. This pad’s average longevity of 10+ years turns the cost per use into pennies!”

Why Ride in the ThinLine+ Basic Contour Pad?

For the horse. ThinLine+ is endorsed by veterinarians, chiropractors, and massage therapists as a preventative care product and is often “prescribed” for many back soreness issues including Kissing Spine Disease.

This product absorbs shock and reduces pressure points in a manner that makes your horse happy and free in the back. The ThinLine ventilates heat, offers 95% shock absorbency, and is non-slip. Most importantly for your horse, this pad creates stability and comfort, generating confidence and freedom of movement.

For the rider. This pad’s slim design puts you in closer contact with your horse, so your leg can easily drape giving you a seamless feel of his sides. You’ll notice his back moving more, but with the extraordinary shock absorption of ThinLine you will be moving in unison with your mount. ThinLine has a 95% shock absorption rate that spreads impact LATERALLY along the pad. The motion you feel under you as you ride is absorbed by the ThinLine and transferred ACROSS the pad instead of UP into your spine. And this same shock absorption benefit is being enjoyed by your horse as well.

ThinLine+ is thicker. It provides more protection for the horses back. For those who do not ride with a whisper seat; trail riding, stock horses, fox hunting, polo would be good examples. ThinLine+ is number one for the care of the horses back. ThinLine+ is the best choice for sore backed horses, high impact disciplines, beginner riders, and young horses in training.


What riders are saying about the ThinLine+ Basic Contour Saddle Pad.

I use this pad every ride, on every horse! It is so important to care for your horse in every way possible. And this is such a simple, effective way to ensure your horse’s back is comfortable!


My horses are so much more comfortable in their Thinline than with any other pad. You can certainly tell a difference in their demeanor and their performance. I’ve had it for years and there are no signs of wear and it’s super easy to clean. I will never use another half pad!

Elise Lesko.

I love all the ThinLine saddle pads! This pad is a great option for my custom saddles. It doesn’t interfere with the fit of the saddle but still offers the great benefits on the ThinLine pad and it’s durable enough for everyday use. Definitely a must-have pad.

-Aniah Sweeny.

Reasons to Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review Reasons to Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad ReviewReasons to Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Pad Review

Ride in the ThinLine Plus Basic Contour Saddle Pad Review.

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