ThinLine Stirrup Wraps – What will they do for your riding?

ThinLine Stirrup Wraps

After years of working with spinal surgeons on riders’ back health and riders’ comfort in the saddle, we began working with knee surgeons to develop a product for riders with bad knees.  Along the way we developed a product that does so much more; it absorbs shock and creates stability too.

Solving Rider Knee Pain:

We have all seen the funny photos of cowboys with bowed legs but had not taken this as a true and serious problem until several of our customers brought it to our attention. It appears not to be just another funny story. People who ride a lot and people who have ridden for most of their lives actually do wind up stretching the outside ligament of their knee. Not only does this cause mild deformity of the legs, but can also lead to early arthritis. ThinLine worked with surgeons and developed a simple wedge system that attaches to any stirrup and straightens the lower leg just enough to allow the rider to use the leg effectively against the horse but does not allow the tendon to overstretch.

The wedge is made of plastic and ThinLine performance foam wraps around both the wedge and the stirrup. And here is where the real fun begins. Many great products are developed by accident. This holds true for the ThinLine Stirrup Wraps.

How ThinLine Stirrups Wraps Improve a Riders Sense of Security:

ThinLine wraps are the perfect no-slip.  There is just enough “stickiness” to keep the stirrup against your foot while allowing freedom of re-positioning.  The non-slip properties in conjunction with the shock absorption help riders of all levels easily stay with their horse.

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How Shock Absorbing Stirrups Wraps Improve Riding:

During a dressage lesson, my seat was too heavy and I was sitting against the motion of the horse. My trainer used the analogy of standing on a trampoline. Of course, you would want to do just the opposite: use the trampoline to NOT bounce, but it is true that I was not placing enough weight into my stirrups and was carrying too much weight in my seat, not allowing the horse to lift his back. As I began using my feet to carry more and more weight, I noticed that I could actually sit the trot better. Not only did the springs and hinges in my ankle and knees help to reduce the bounce, but the ThinLine allowed my foot not to move (unless I actually picked it up and moved it on purpose) in the stirrup so I could have the confidence to move my lower leg position forward and back as I needed for lateral, extended or collected work. The biggest “aha” moment was when I realized I could put weight into the stirrup and the ThinLine absorbed so much of the bounce I could maintain an upper body position that made me look as though I was not moving on the horse at all! Yes, the reverse of the trampoline effect! Bounce with no bounce! Landing off a jump was extraordinary! No more jarring, it was like landing like a feather. My horse loved it and stopped rushing to the fence.

I have a penchant for buying horses with huge gaits but no matter, the ThinLine on the stirrup wrap helps you stay with your horse. Creating a more comfortable ride, for both you and them. Of course, the end result is; their back goes up, their gaits improve, and voila, up go the scores! – Elaine


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Happy Riding, Elaine Lockhead.
~ January 11, 2019