ThinLine Lined English Reins


Hunter ring approved soft & relaxed connection.


ThinLine Lined English Reins

Let’s talk about contact for the show ring.

This lined rein is all Italian leather with ThinLine discretely sewn to the inside to provide you with a relaxed no-slip grip, even on sweaty days.  This non-slip rein meets both your turnout and performance expectations.

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  • Elegant and traditional, made with top-quality bridle leather.
  • Lined inside with ThinLine open cell, no-slip foam.
  • Stud hook ends.
  • Low profile: 5/8″ wide and 1/4″ thick.
  • Colors: Black and Dark Brown.
  • Sizes: 54” (full/horse) and 60” (oversize).


*ThinLine English Rein Care information is located in the care instructions tab.*

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Additional information

Weight .9375 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 1 in
Rein Length

54", 60"

Rein Color

Black, Dark Brown

Rein Care Instructions

Keeping the non-slip going strong:

  • *Wiping down the rein with a baby wipe prior to riding can keep light arena dust from settling and improve the non-slip function.
  • *Temperature can alter the feel of the reins.  The warmer they are, the softer they will be and the more non-slip. Your hand generally provides enough warmth to get the rein to the optimal performance temperature.
  • *Steer clear of chemicals!  Show Sheen and some fly sprays will eventually cause mild stiffening of the edges of the foam.  If you are using chemicals please rinse your hands before riding and you will greatly improve the longevity of your reins.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We strongly recommend using all-natural  ThinLine Cleaners. It’s completely safe for the ThinLine foam, and does an excellent job of cleaning the leather too! Simple dish soap also works and baby wipes are handy for a quick clean up!

Please avoid leather care products; they contain oil which is damaging to ThinLine. While it looks and feels like leather, it is a special, nonslip, pressure distributing foam. For conditioning the leather, we recommend using a paste-like conditioner (like Horseman’s One Step) so that you can control the application, avoiding contact with the ThinLine.

Please be aware that leather care products and chemicals such as Show Sheen and fly spray can cause the foam to harden. 

How to Buy Outside the USA

ThinLine is readily available in most countries. This site ships to the USA, Mexico, and South America.

We hope you will use the following links to our authorized distributors in the following regions.  Here you will find all the great products and support you need:

Europe and the UK:




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    What is the width of the reins, i.e. 1/2"?, 3/4"? ,1"? I have arthritic hands and a wider rein works better for me.
  1. Q What is the width of the reins, i.e. 1/2"?, 3/4"? ,1"? I have arthritic hands and a wider rein wo...... Read more answer now

    Thanks for your question! 

    Lined Reins- 1/2" wide and 1/4" thick. These are made with ThinLine foam inset on the inside of the rein. Lower profile than the wrapped reins and designed for riders who want a more traditional looking or show appropriate rein that still offers the ThinLine non slip grip. 
    Classic Wrapped Reins- 3/4" wide and 3/8" thick. Constructed similarly to rubber reins or other reins with an added grip. Our most popular rein style and even though they measure a little bit thicker, the ThinLine foam is really comfy in the hand and allows for a nonslip grip without having to squeeze or hold the reins tightly. 

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