english reins

english reins.

English reins to help riders develop a soft steady feel. From beginners to professionals our english horse reins will provide you with better contact.  Exclusive thinline foam designed to provide a comfortable non slip grip.


With this rein you will be able to have a gentle hold with your hand and never worry about the rein sliding from your finger tips.  From trail riders to dressage riders to grand prix jumpers this rein gives every rider and horse the benefit of a soft and safe contact.

Riders with arthritic hands are thrilled to hold this rein.  No more tension in your hand or arm. This rein is designed to allow you to soften, and maintain a lovely feel with your horses mouth.

Too, great trainers such as Olympian Betsy Steiner actually travel to clinics with these reins in her suitcase. Just with this simple change of tack she is able to have riders with a much softer feel and happier horses in just moments!

Older riders love the way they do not have to “keep a firm grip”.

Trail riders and endurance riders enjoy the comfort in both their hands and their horses mouths at the end of a long day.

Tested by surgeons, this is the best rein for riders hands.

Tested by trainers, this is the best rein to provide non slip comfort. Have confidence; never drop a rein in a critical moment.

Loved dearly by eventing riders and show jumpers this rein has proven to be a benefit for not only the health and well being of riders and horses but for the confidence it instills in those moments when you simply should not loose even a moment of contact.

ThinLine english reins horses and riders love.

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