The Best Girths for Horses with Sensitive Skin

What makes the best girths for horses with sensitive skin?

To answer that, while designing our girth and cinch, we thought about what bothers horses with sensitive skin and worked backward. Girths often have warm sweat underneath them, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to live.

Hence making a home for fungus and other skin problems, so we employed our famous anti-microbial ThinLine material to ensure bacteria growth is inhibited. These tack items are so easy to clean, allowing you to wipe them off and decrease the likelihood of any gross-ness touching your horse’s skin!

One of our favorite attributes of this material, especially for horse tack, is its easy cleaning. Did you have a fun ride out in the woods with your friends? Heading out on a hunter pace? Rain before the rodeo? Muddy path to the barn from the dressage show? All you need is a damp cloth or a hose, and hang it to dry away from the sun.

Our anatomic hunter/jumper girth, dressage/short girth, and western cinch all offer the same incredible benefits for your horse. The soft, supple material hugs your horse instead of pinching like many traditional options. ThinLine girths will never rub your horse’s delicate skin.


best girths for horses with sensitive skin

Anatomical Hunter/Jumper Girth

We know what you’re thinking; it doesn’t look much different than a traditional leather girth! Oh, but it is SO MUCH BETTER! Our customers love this dark brown color and have shown their horses to championships at WEF, Tryon, Devon & more! The stunning and soft Italian leather is lined with our famous ThinLine material.

The anti-microbial, non-slip breathable girth is essential for your tack trunk. The anatomic design hugs your horse in all the right places without rubbing and causing discomfort or skin issues. It also offers three D-rings for any additional equipment you may use.

The function also meets fashion with our hunter/jumper girth as it was designed with leather reinforcements, roller buckles, and double-ended, triple-layered elastic. Talk about durability!


Bonus Feature: No sheepskin needed! Now you can forget all the time constraints of managing sheepskin girths. If I had a dollar for every time I forgot my sheepskin-lined girth that was still drying; I’d have ten horses, lol!  The ThinLine hunter/jumper girth gives you all the soft protection without the rub. All you need to do is wipe it off!


thinline cinch 2

Western Cinch

If you have a girthy or cold-backed horse, you will be amazed how this Western horse cinch instantly improves comfort. This saddle cinch will assist in keeping your saddle stable if you are having saddle slip issues.

The ThinLine is so grippy you can ride without the need for over-cinching, giving your horse the comfort he needs to breathe and relax! You’ll never return to neoprene after trying this amazing piece of tack. Made with leather reinforcement tabs behind the buckles and nylon reinforcements connecting the buckles. No elastic to overstretch or give out!

Additionally, if you spend hours in the saddle, and your horse goes from trotting or loping to standing for an hour, you’ll love how this cinch doesn’t absorb any sweat!

For even more comfort, try out our cinch guards.





girth dressage

Dressage/Short Girth

The ThinLine short girth for dressage or monoflap saddles is an effective non-slip girth, but it might be most famous for its ability to mold to the curvature of a horse’s belly. It creates comfort riders swear by.

It also distributes pressure evenly with its unique stabilizing D ring system.  The billets slide through this unique D ring, allowing horses to move and breathe with comfort.




These innovative pieces of tack ensure that your horse is comfortable so that you can focus on riding and enjoying your time spent with your equine partner. What are the best girths for horses with sensitive skin? We think you’ll know now that it’s ThinLine!

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