Can Horse Riding Cause Back Pain: A Guide for Riders

horse riding an back pain

Horse riding is enjoyable and rewarding for many, but it’s not without challenges. For regular horseback riders, pain and discomfort are often concerns that accompany the sport, with back pain being a common complaint. The following article provides insights into the anatomy, biomechanics, and common causes of back pain in riders. We’ll also offer prevention … Read more

Saddle Pad Thickness – Does It Matter?

perfect fit saddle pad thickness

Have you ever wondered whether thickness matters when selecting a saddle pad?  You may equate saddle pad thickness with extreme cushioning that provides greater comfort and protection for the horse and rider or as a quick fix to a poorly fitting saddle, but in actuality, that’s not always true. In fact, sometimes, a thicker saddle … Read more

Our Guide To The Best Treeless Saddle Pads On The Market

a horse wearing a treeless saddle and treeless saddle pad

Choosing the best treeless saddle pad requires understanding how treeless saddles differ from saddles with a tree. For comparison, a saddle with a tree, or treed saddle, is constructed with a rigid “tree” made of wood, carbon, or synthetic material. The tree sits on the horse’s back, straddling the spine, and distributes the rider’s weight … Read more

Managing Joint Pain: A Guide to Horse Riding with Arthritis

riding with arthritis

For riders with arthritis, horseback riding is a challenge that requires adjustments in practice and mindset. This guide provides insights into how riders with arthritis can manage pain by modifying how they ride for a more comfortable experience. Below, we look at key strategies, such as adapting your riding technique and choosing specialized equipment and … Read more

Summary of “Owners’ Experiences of Grazing Muzzles – The Survey Results. April 2023”

a diagram of the results of a grazing muzzle survey

Dr. David Marlin’s article, published on April 14, 2023, presents the results of a comprehensive survey on the use of grazing muzzles for horses and ponies. Horse owners often use grazing muzzles to manage weight and reduce the risk of laminitis, a condition affecting horses. The survey aimed to gather insights from horse owners on … Read more

Guide To On How To Put Insoles In Shoes & Boots

inserting insoles in a shoe

Correct insole placement in shoes or boots is important for optimal comfort and foot health. This guide explains the process, from choosing the suitable insole to its proper insertion and care. Whether you need insoles for medical reasons, comfort, or improved shoe fit, this resource provides the necessary information for successful insole use. Improve your … Read more

Is Your Horse More At Risk For Laminitis In Autumn?

an overweight horses rump

As the leaves change colors and the air becomes crisp, you may not be aware your horses could be at risk for laminitis during these cooler fall months. While laminitis is commonly linked to spring grass, damp autumn conditions can also be hazardous. Knowing the risks and management tactics can safeguard equine health.  Awareness of … Read more

How To Determine If Your Horse Is Too Fat & Overweight

an overweight horse in a paddock

Wondering if your horse is packing on extra pounds? Understanding your horse’s body condition is key to their wellbeing. This article arms you with the knowledge to identify signs of equine obesity, the dangers it poses, and how to use tools like Body Condition Scoring and Cresty Neck Score. You’ll also learn how to manage … Read more

Anatomy Of Horse Withers & Dealing With Soreness

the anatomy of horse withers

You’re about to dive into the complex world of horse withers anatomy. Understanding this crucial area, located between your horse’s shoulder blades, is key to their mobility and comfort. You’ll learn about the role of withers in movement, how they can become sore, and what steps you can take to prevent discomfort. So saddle up … Read more