How to Build Trust With Horses

“The brain cares about survival before learning.” – John Medina In the sport of competitive dressage as well as many other equine disciplines it is imperative for both the horse and rider to trust each other so that they can both feel safe and learn. Trust is defined as reliance on another entity or person. … Read more

Equine Massage Therapy Is it worth it?

  When I started massage school, I did not think I would help a horse. How WRONG I was!  In addition to Massage Therapy and Saddle Fitting, I am a former triathlete. In my competitive days, I never incorporated massage into my racing. Because we were uneducated about sports medicine my teammates and I frequently … Read more

How Can You Fit A Saddle On A Swaybacked Horse?

Solve Bridging Issues – ThinLine Supports the Gap If your saddle is bridging – it has little to no contact in the center – your best option will be to use a saddle pad that offers an open shimming system.  While there are many corrective pads on the market, each horse, saddle and saddle pad … Read more