Saddle Fit & Shimming with ThinLine

    All across the country, equestrians are rejoicing for the return of longer days and warmer weather for optimal days spent at the barn and in the saddle. Did your horses take a vacation from regular exercise over the winter? Perhaps you increased activity and showed in Florida, California, Arizona, or South Carolina, or … Read more

How Can You Fit A Saddle On A Swaybacked Horse?

Solve Bridging Issues – ThinLine Supports the Gap If your saddle is bridging – it has little to no contact in the center – your best option will be to use a saddle pad that offers an open shimming system.  While there are many corrective pads on the market, each horse, saddle and saddle pad … Read more

Saddle Fitting the Thoroughbred Horse

The Thoroughbred horse, especially the off the track racehorse can be one of the more daunting breeds to saddle correctly. Most people take one look at their sharp, high withers, the deep shoulders, and they know, without a proper fit, the rest of the back will take a real beating. Add to this the knowledge … Read more