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Our pads come with 2 panels of the famous shock absorbing ThinLine.

ThinLine, the only product endorsed by Spinal Surgeons (for riders) Master Saddlers (for best fit) Veterinarians (for equine back health) and International Trainers (for best horse and rider performance).

Choose your ThinLine across felt options which vary by felt quality,  thicknesses and shape to best fit your saddle style.

You may also be interested in the Natural Wool Western Saddle Pads, Non-Shimmable western pads, and the round skirt western saddle pads.

Other sub-categories of interest within our wester saddle pad core category include the contour pad range, cotton range, faux sheepskin range, and the square pads options.

Popular Questions

Below you can see some of the questions we’re asked about this range.

What makes ThinLine Global saddle pads stand out from traditional felt pads?

ThinLine saddle pads, made in the USA, offer superior shock absorption and eliminate pressure points. Unlike thick gel pads, they are soft, flexible, and conform to your horse’s natural shape, allowing for a closer connection between you and your horse for optimal performance.

Do you offer saddle pads other than felt options in your Western saddle pad category?

Yes, in addition to Western felt saddle pads, we offer a variety of saddle pad options. You may be interested in our Natural Wool Western Saddle Pads, Non-Shimmable Western Pads, and round skirt Western saddle pads. We have a diverse range of products to suit different preferences.

What are the sub-categories within your Western saddle pad core category, and how do they differ?

Our Western saddle pad core category includes several sub-categories to cater to various needs. These sub-categories include the contour pad range, cotton range, faux sheepskin range, and square pads options. Each sub-category offers different features and materials to suit different riding preferences, so you can choose the one that best fits your horse and riding requirements.