The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.

Flexible Filly Horse Products

Flexible Filly Yoga Mat

Designed to support and protect horses with minimal interference to their freedom and comfort – Flexible Filly Tack.

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  • Busy Buddy

    A relaxation tool for your horse.
  • Flexible Filly Closed Front Splint Boots

    All of the protection, comfort, and fit with none of the hassles.
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    Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

    Horse grazing muzzle. Adjustable grazing hole size.  Flexible comfort.  Ventilates for breathability.  No rub comfort for mini, pony, cob, horse and draft sizes.

    From: $68.00
  • Flexible Filly Lightweight Breathable Air Shock Horse Boots

    Lightweight, airbag, and ThinLine protection. Easy care.