Horse Chiropractor Balancing Rider and Equine

Horse Chiropractor Balancing Horse and Rider

Every successful rider knows that it takes balance to achieve the ultimate ride. Regardless of discipline, a competitive horse must be balanced across its top line. Equally strong on both leads, fluid and free in its movements. The rider must maintain a centered balance, aiding the horse through its motions without inhibiting them. So who is the equestrian athlete?  Is it the horse—who provides strength, speed, agility, and endurance? Or the rider—who coaches each stride with proper timing, tempo, and weight distributions? The answer is obviously both! The equestrian athlete is a team—a dynamic unison of moving parts aimed at accomplishing a shared goal. Thus, it is best to treat them as one when planning a health care or training regime.

At Equalign, we have spent years developing a systematic chiropractic approach for the team as a singular unit.

Our system goes beyond simply correcting skeletal misalignments to include all factors that affect the way horses and riders balance and interact. Anything that interferes with the communication between rider and horse diminishes their effectiveness as a team. Commonly, a major point of distress arises where horse meets rider—at the saddle.

Protecting the backs of our patients is a primary concern. When the saddle-fit is an issue, we turn to ThinLine. When a lesson horse is pounded on, we turn to ThinLine. To preserve the delicate joints of horses and riders’ spines for a lifetime of riding, we turn to ThinLine. ThinLine’s suite of products offers a customizable solution to a variety of horse/rider structural health issues. Whether it is simple shock protection or an adjustable saddle-fitting correction that is needed, ThinLine gives us the right tool for the job (not a one-size-fits-all magic wand.) Many of the other products we have evaluated offer “feel-good” features that do not hold up under the rigors of riding. ThinLine offers consistent functional support day-in and day-out—leaving you and your equine companion competition-ready, or simply happy and healthy.

Dr. Wendy Corin, ThinLine advocate, Equine Chiropractor, and Massage Therapist.

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~ Posted by ThinLine on June 6th, 2013

Horse Chiropractor Balancing Rider and Equine