USA Equestrians Use ThinLine Saddle Pads for Competitive Edge

USA Equestrians Use ThinLine Saddle Pads for Competitive Edge

Olympic USA Equestrian medalists like Anne Kursinski, Carol Lavell, and Beezie Madden use ThinLine products. What makes superstars incorporate ThinLine Saddle Pads into their carefully managed stables.  Master Saddle Fitter Jen Thackery explains, “I tried the [ThinLine] pad on my Thoroughbreds and they rounded up quicker, were more responsive to the aids, and I could sit the gaits much easier.” Thackery’s experience is echoed by hundreds of riders, from Olympians to amateurs, and is the reason that Elaine Castelao, President of ThinLine Inc, purchased the company over ten years ago.

Solutions for Equine Comfort and performance in the show ring: ThinLine Tack

The positive response from riders as diverse as hunter legend Geoff Teall to endurance champion Valerie Kanavy as well as dressage riders like Betsy Steiner, Hilda Gurney, Marco Bernal, Cesar Parra, and Shannon Dueck has truly encouraged Elaine, owner of ThinLine. “I feel so fortunate that I came across this great product. It really is tremendous technology,” she says.

ThinLine saddle pads are different from other pads because they incorporate a unique, open-cell technology that moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption and reduced rider movement.

“This encourages your horse to move through his back,” Elaine explains. “We get calls and emails every day with stories of how ThinLine saddle pads have improved their horse’s movement or their ability to sit their horse’s gaits. These riders tell us they have little or no back pain and that their horses are working better and happier. It’s a two-way street of comfort, ideal for presenting problems, resolving current challenges and preventing rider and horse back problems in the future.” Riders now consider a ThinLine pad equal to safety equipment such as helmets and boots.  Studies over the past two decades have demonstrated riders who use ThinLine daily have healthier backs after decades of riding”.

Trifecta Half Pad with Sheepskin Rolls

USET Member Schuyler Riley explains,

“Nottingham’s back was in a lot of pain…He jumps hard and uses his whole body. At his first show in the ThinLine saddle pad, he jumped three days in a row without having a pole down…two weeks later a bone scan showed his back to be pain-free! I even noticed a difference in my back. I now plan on using ThinLine on all my top horses!”

The trademarked open cell technology also makes ThinLine pads 100% breathable so heat and moisture are not trapped under the saddle. An anti-microbial agent is also infused into all ThinLine tack. Because ThinLine doesn’t compress or slip, pressure points created by movement or position changes in the saddle are eliminated. “Many of the challenges associated with working muscles are nearly eliminated,” Elaine says. “And because the pad returns to its original shape immediately, it is very durable and can be used on multiple horses each day.”

Tack Absorbs shock: Solutions for Horse Riders seeking the extra edge in competition.

If a saddle pad is effective for a horse the rider should also be able to feel a difference. Comfort is two-way street. ThinLine is the only tack product endorsed by surgeons for riders with back problems. See back cover and text in “The Riders Pain Free Back” by Dr. Jim Warson.

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ThinLine Solutions for Performance: Improving Equitation for all Riders

Independent testing of ThinLine both for Saddle Fit and equitation have delivered shocking results previously unseen in the riding world. With high tech pressure and motion detection devices, European studies have produced results demonstrating Ultra ThinLine not only reduces shock and improves saddle fit but has a measurable difference in rider equitation.

Studies show riders sit more quietly resulting in more balance and a better connection. Elaine says “as a rider this is what we all seek every day, to have a better connection with our horses.”

ThinLine is available in two thicknesses and a variety of shapes. Riders may purchase a basic pad to go over any saddle pad in the barn or, it comes already combined with popular cotton, sheepskin, or felt.

Pads are shimmable for better saddle fit and are endorsed by international saddle fit organizations such as Saddle Fit 4 Life.

All ThinLine saddle pads manufactured with cotton, wool or sheepskin have a pocket for shimmimg. Shims may be purchased separately and used to control wither relief, fit for sway backs, cantle lift or simply to generate a better saddle fit as horses are growing and changing shape.

It is more than a saddle pad, girths, reins, horse boots; improve performance

With so many great benefits, it made sense to apply ThinLine to other important pieces of tack. ThinLine Inc. introduced protective leg boots and girths suitable for all disciplines. ThinLine Reins are now the top-selling ThinLine product!  Originally designed for riders with arthritis the product has stormed the market because trainers quickly discovered that all riders ride with a softer contact in the reins because they never slip so riders do not have to grip them and the result is a softer hand, arm, and shoulder!

Additionally “We have dressage girths, jumper girths, and western cinches,” Elaine says. It’s breathable, non-slip and anti-microbial like the pads and is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Riders of all disciplines have also been snapping up the ThinLine Bell Boots that are lined at the coronary band with soft sheepskin. The ThinLine closed front Sport Boots, available in front and hind sizes, are also very popular with the dressage crowd. And the Grand Prix jumper riders like Kent Farrington love the ThinLine open front Schooling Boots. “They are super lightweight, but very effective at reducing shock, remain dirt-free, mold to the horse’s leg and ventilate to keep tendons cool.” Sports Medicine Style boots offer riders a dirt free boot that is easy to clean and are far more durable than neoprene or memory foam-lined products.

ThinLine also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you will see a difference in your horses performance and yours! ThinLine saddle pads are made with shock-absorbing, breathable foam that molds to the horse, creates a better saddle fit, and enhances riding. Properties of the foam create harmony between rider and horse. It is easy to care for and has impressive longevity. ThinLine products have a money-back guarantee that you and your horse will see improved performance and communication. As with all ThinLine tack, reins, boots, bridles, saddles, etc., our mission is to improve your riding pleasure, skill, and performance.

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USA Equestrians Use ThinLine Saddle Pads for Competitive Edge