Riding With a Pain Free Back: Saddle Pads the Doctor Ordered

The doctor’s order for a pain free back is in, and the prescription is the technologically advanced shock absorbing ThinLine Saddle Pads. In a the book entitled The Rider’s Pain Free Back — Over Chronic Soreness, Injury, and Aging  and Stay in the Saddle for Years to Come by James Warson, M.D. with Ami Hendrickson, Warson says riders can increase their stability and comfort by riding with ThinLine riders.

Pain FreeElaine Lockhead, owner of ThinLine is excited about Warson’s recommendation. “A lot of riders believe that our pads are great for horses with back problems, which they are. However, we’ve found the shock absorption is very effective for preventing and improving back problems in riders. It’s wonderful to have experts like Dr. Warson confirm this.”

Warson, a neurosurgeon and lifelong horseman, recommends ThinLine in the text of his new book as well as on the back cover. Warson impresses upon the reader the importance of exceptional shock absorption and reduction of movement of the lower back, not only to help repair back problems, but as a way to keep riders healthy so they can stay in the saddle for years to come.

JumpersLockhead said Warson isn’t the first knowledgeable equestrian to recommend ThinLine saddle pads in print. In Geoff Teall’s book, Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation, the hunter trainer extraordinaire says “…I use a pad made by ThinLine on every horse, every ride. These are very thin and dense, and designed to absorb the most shock possible.”

In additional studies with rider movement maps, ThinLine has demonstrated it not only protects, but actually quiets the rider’s seat, improving equitation as well as communication and harmony with horses.

Additionally, ThinLine Saddle Pads improve the fit and stability of the saddle well as minimizing the workload of both horse and rider. The addition of a ThinLine pad reduces concussion and saddle movement. Riders can move in time with their horse which decreases stress to both soft tissues and body structures for both horse and rider. “In addition to our product’s shock absorbing benefits, they are also supple, lightweight, breathable, and have no drawbacks.”

ThinLine’s shock absorbing saddle pad is the only product that helps prevent horse riding back pain with published results by surgeons, trainers, and saddle fitters. For healthy backs, better equitation, improved communication, and harmony with your horse as well as better saddle fit, visit our online store to find a ThinLine product that fits you!


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Riding With a Pain Free Back: Saddle Pads the Doctor Ordered