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ThinLine Jobs

ThinLine is always looking for amazing people to join our team.

The ability to talk horses and tack is of course very important but it is the quality of your passion and drive that will make your application.  We are a very small team- 5 primary team members comprise our business.  As you can imagine, working at ThinLine is more like having another family.  And that means that we rely upon each other. Are you up for being a critical member?

Working in an entrepreneurial company is very different from working in a large corporation, and we love it!  But is it for you?  You must be a multitasker.  And having a long list of things to do should create excitement for you.  We promise, there is always something new to create or a better way to do things here.

Mission alignment.  ThinLine was created to make life better.  This mission can be felt in our product designs, our communications with customers, our support for non-profits, and importantly, between each other.  Are you a team player who understands how to support others and how to find your own place to shine within that team?

Company Structure


Retail (online/phone/email, including Mail Chimp) direct to consumers.

Wholesale (business to business; tack shops, saddle fitters).

Distributor (international accounts).

Attend trade shows.

Work with B to B accounts, training staff.

Customer Service:

Answer phones, emails, chats and Facebook questions.


Create and manage ads, catalogs, brochures.

Create and report on ads and ad spend.  Facebook advertising knowledge, google ads, and other partner platforms.

Organize and manage photography and art.

Create and execute social media campaigns, grassroots, and paid.


Manage product content, descriptions, and images.

Manage functionality and efficiency with plugins and integration to inventory systems.

Write blogs and press releases for new products and general industry knowledge.


Pick, pack, and ship orders.

Make and assemble parts to create products with multiple parts.

Receive and organize incoming materials.

Process and organize returns.

Manage inventory levels and communicate restocking needs to sewers.

Manage and retain materials for warehouse, bags, tags, boxes, pallets, etc.

Sales Order Management:

Receive incoming purchase orders.

Create customer invoices.

Manage customer questions and training on products.

Organize shipping or freight, International and domestic.

Process credit cards.

Manage accounts receivable.

Inventory Control Management:

Knowledge of Build of Material Inventory Control.

Maintain sufficient stock levels of all products, within a budget.

Project stock requirements according to the timeline of the build.

Organize in house sewing – issue just in time build orders.

Have a working Crystal Ball 🙂 to anticipate changes in purchasing.


Manage and report on company-wide financials.

Pay and manage company bills.

Communicate with banks and vendors.

Price Lists, create and manage with reports on margins and turns.

Manage payroll and IRA’s.

Prepare information for annual company tax filings.

Retain and organize business materials and filings.

Product Development

Create or find new ideas.

Develop prototypes and run BETA tests.

Communicate with patent attorneys and trademark offices.

Run manufacturing costs and target market pricing projections against available market space.

Create and defend the Marketing WHY for potential new products.

This is ThinLine, our team of 5.  As you can imagine, we all have a hand in many tasks.  Our life is productive, fun, and pretty exciting.  Do you think you have what it takes to bring something great into the world?  If so, please email with your resume and your “why you”. We are super excited to meet you.

** Current openings:  Sales, Customer Care (wholesale and retail), Social Media Marketing, and Advertising Manager.