Wax Tough Rider Western Saddle Pad – Black



Providing more shock absorption than a 2-inch thick felt pad, ThinLine eliminates pressure points and distributes rider weight.  Soft and flexible, this Western endurance saddle pad fits neatly and comfortably against your horses’ natural conformation.

ThinLine delivers protection for both horses and riders and is the only product endorsed by surgeons, master saddlers & veterinarians.

“The manner in which this product absorbs motion encourages horses to lift their backs, developing strength and top-line.  It has been endorsed by Veterinarians, for horses, as well as Spinal Surgeons for riders. It is a top pick for Master Saddlers around the world. Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists carry it on their trucks to keep horses going strong, supple, and relaxed.  Trainers and riders find it a trusted product to improve rider equitation.”


Wax Pad Components:

  • A Panel of  3/16” (4.8mm) thick ThinLine performance foam is sewn on each side of the spine, creating a spine-free channel.
  • High-quality needled lambswool fleece-lined bottom against your horse wicks moisture and adapts to temperature change: cool in the summer and warm in winter
  • Wool felt fill, topped with a waxed cotton-based fabric that sheds water.
  • Wear leathers are made of genuine leather.
  • The generous wither profile allows this Western therapeutic saddle pad to fit both high-withered and mutton withered horses.
  • A contoured topline allows the pad to accommodate the natural curve of the horse’s back.
  • Quality crafted in the USA.

Shimming for Saddle Fit and Comfort

Full saddle fitting shims are available when you select your pad size.  These may be used as-is to double your protection or trimmed to create a pair of front, bridging, and rear shims to adjust your saddle fit.

Available in 30×30 and 32×32

Felt Saddle Pad Care Instructions

Our felt saddle pads have a high percentage of wool content. To avoid shrinkage, do not use hot water to clean, or heat to dry.

Occasionally brush your pad with a curry brush. This will dislodge hair, dirt, and sweat to prolong the usefulness of your pad.

Scrub the dirty spots with a cloth or sponge, using cold water and a small amount of mild liquid wool-washing soap (We recommend EZ All). Hose all the soap off with clean water and allow the pad to air dry in a well-ventilated area. As you’re hosing, be sure to direct the spray from the center outward toward the edges, so that dirt, sweat, and hair is moved off of the pad and instead of being pushed into the pad.

How to Buy Outside the USA

ThinLine is readily available in most countries. This site ships to the USA, Mexico, and South America.

We hope you will use the following links to our authorized distributors in the following regions.  Here you will find all the great products and support you need:

Europe and the UK: https://www.thinlineglobal.eu/

Australia:  https://thinlineglobalau.com/

Canada:  https://thinlinecanada.ca/


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    What would cause me to choose this pad (Wax Tough Rider Western Saddle Pad) over the Woven Wool Western Saddle Pad? It looks like the Wax Tough Rider may be thinner which is so might be better because I will put a show saddle blanket over the top. Would that work better with this one over the Woven Wool? Are there any other differences that might sway my decision to one over the other?
  1. Q What would cause me to choose this pad (Wax Tough Rider Western Saddle Pad) over the Woven Wool W...... Read more answer now

    Thank you for your question! Since all ThinLine pads are made with the exclusive ThinLine open-cell foam panels, all other options are just a matter of choosing your personal material preference, the best fit for your horse's conformation, and your saddle and riding style.

    All of our pads are thin enough to use under a show blanket, but saddle fit should be considered. If your saddle already fits close or on the narrow side, we recommend one of our liners which can be found here and here.

    The Woven Wool pad has a Merino wool lining and the Waxed Tough Rider Pad has a natural lambswool lining. Both can be washed cold with wool-friendly soap and hung to dry. Otherwise, the two pads that you're deciding between have similar topline profiles, sizes, and thicknesses. 

    If you'd like more help selecting the best pad for you and your horse, please email or call 919-680-6803.


  2. How thick is the pad itself without the thinline?
  3. Q How thick is the pad itself without the thinline? answer now

    Thank you for your question! The waxed cotton and lambswool base pad measures about 5/8" thick.