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Endurance Wax Tough Rider Pad


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 Therapeutic  | Better Saddle Fit | Better Equitation | Improved Comfort and Performance

ThinLine delivers protection for both horses and riders.

The only product endorsed by surgeons, master saddlers & veterinarians.

 What makes ThinLine so different?


“The manner in which this product absorbs motion encourages horses to lift their backs, developing strength and top-line.  It has been endorsed by Veterinarians, for horses, as well as Spinal Surgeons for riders. It is a top pick for Master Saddlers around the world. Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists carry it on their trucks to keep horses going strong, supple and relaxed.  Trainers and riders find it a trusted product to improve rider equitation.”

It is the dual benefits of extraordinary shock absorption and rider motion reduction that sets ThinLine apart from other saddle pads.

Providing more shock absorption than a 2-inch thick felt pad, ThinLine eliminates pressure points and distributes rider weight.  Soft and flexible, this endurance saddle pad fits neatly and comfortably against your horses’ natural confirmation.


For the horse.

A raised wither profile with a swallow topline makes this pad adaptable to the conformation of any horse – high withered or mutton withers. And the flexibility and stretchiness of the ThinLine molds around your horse’s shape. The contour of the pad, which follows the natural curve of your horse’s back, stops any bunching.

This thin endurance saddle pad frees up more room for narrow or snug-fitting saddles and improves the comfort for horses even with saddles which are perfectly fitted. The ThinLine also ventilates, across the pad, allowing excess heat to move out from under the saddle.  Most important, to your horse, is how this pad creates stability.

For the rider.

The slim design puts you in closer contact with your horse, so your leg can easily drape giving you a seamless feel of his sides.  You’ll notice his back moving more,  but with the extraordinary shock absorption of ThinLine you will be moving in unison with your mount.  The ThinLine layer sewn onto the pad has a 95% shock absorption rate that spreads impact LATERALLY  along the pad. This means that the motion you feel under you as you ride is absorbed by the ThinLine and transferred ACROSS the pad instead of UP into your spine. And this same shock absorption benefit is being enjoyed by your horse as well. With the reduced movement of your seat, your balance is easier to keep so “staying” with your horse becomes second nature. You sit quieter, and he responds with a relaxed, soft back, and freer strides.


Wax Pad Components:

  • This pad is 29″ long and has a 17″ drop on either side making it 34″.
  • A Panel of 3/16” (4.8mm) thick ThinLine performance foam is sewn on each side of the spine, creating a spine free channel.
  • High-quality needled lambswool fleece lined bottom against your horse wicks moisture and adapts to temperature change: cool in the summer and warm in winter
  • Wool felt fill, topped with a waxed cotton based fabric that sheds water.
  • Genuine leather wear leathers.
  • 4.5 inch wither profile allows this Western therapeutic saddle pad to fit both high withered and mutton withered horses.
  • Contoured top line allowing the pad to accommodate the natural curve of the horses back.
  • Quality crafted in the USA.


How do I know ThinLine is delivering the comfort and protection my horse needs?

After receiving your pad, ride in it for at least a week.  At first, you may simply notice things like; “my horse was great today, my seat and aids were soft and effective”, great job! You are on your way.  You will see a daily improvement but this can be a bit subtle in the beginning.  How to check out your pads effectiveness:  After at least a week of riding daily, begin your warm-up with the ThinLine. Once you are warmed up, remove the ThinLine and ride.  This is when you will see just how much your horse is loving his/her pad.

Money Back Guarantee:  

We are riders making products for riders and understand how important the time we have with our horses is. We want every ride to be the best ride.  If you feel ThinLine is not delivering what you need, all products may be returned for a full refund within 30 days. Around the world, this product has helped both riders and horses work happier together. We hope our 30-day satisfaction guarantee will help you have the confidence to try this amazing material!



Spine length – 25.5″
Full side length – 29″
Front drop – 17″
Rear drop – 12.5″

Thickness – 3/4″ base pad + 3/16″ Ultra ThinLine panel

Care Instructions

Day to day maintenance- Remove dust and dirt from waxed top with a soft brush. Remove hair and dirt from lambswool with a stiff brush.

Deep clean- hand wash with mild soap and hang to dry.

Reapply wax ointment as needed to maintain water repellent finish.


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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Thank you for your question! Yes, the rear drop on this pad is 12", just like the Contour Western Ranch pad.
  2. A Thank you for your question! The Tough Rider Waxed pad is 3/4" thick and constructed with waxed cotton top layer, light wool fill, and a high quality sheared lambswool on a fabric backing underlayer. It is available in one size and is fairly easy to care for. The Full Sheepskin pads are about 1" thick and constructed of quilted cotton on top, light fill, and medical grade Merino sheepskin on a natural leather hide. This pad requires the additional maintenance typical of sheepskin on a natural hide. Care instructions are available on each product page. Please call us at 888-401-9101 if you have further questions!
  3. A Thank you for your question! All of ThinLine's shimmable pads are fantastic for young, developing horses. The shimming system allows you to adjust your saddle fit as she grows. As for the specific pad, we recommend selecting a pad that is a good fit with your particular saddle style made out of the base material that you prefer. If you click on the Australian flag at the top of the website, you will be taken through to the ThinLine Australia page for ordering.
  4. A Hi! The thickness of this pad is approximately 3/4" and 1/2" when compressed. The Ultra ThinLine panels across the topline add 3/16". It's difficult to say how it would affect the fit of your saddle. We do have other pads that are thinner, which is what most people go with when they have a well fitting saddle. Please feel free to give it a try though! We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all of our pads. You're also welcome to give us a call if you'd like further help choosing the best pad for you. 888-401-9101
  5. A Thank you for your question! Yes, this pad measures 28" along the spine, front to back, and 32" across the shoulder from bottom of left flap to bottom of right flap.