The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.

Horse Tack Care Instructions

ThinLine Sheepskin products are made with 100% medical grade merino wool on a real (non synthetic) hide.

Care Instructionswash
Washing Sheepskin – Wash by hand in cold or luke warm water using a mild soap (Eucalan).  Avoid using Melp or Woolite. Rinse  thoroughly with cool water and gently remove excess water. Air dry.

Drying Sheepskin – Air dry with sheepskin facing up. Do not use direct heat or direct sunlight. To prevent shrinkage, stretch the skin while drying. When dry, brush fleece up with a coarse pet brush.

Tack: Use ThinLine Cleaners or a mild dish soap and water.  If you need to condition the leather, use a paste conditioner. ThinLine needs only to be cleaned not conditioned.

Cotton Saddle Pads Machine wash cold water with the ThinLine turned to the inside. You may bleach the white ones.

Felt: We like EZ all.  Hose, scrub, hose.

Horse Boots: Cobra SMB, Sport Boots and Open front jumping boot may be machine washed, cold water, hang to dry.  Italian Leather jumping boots: use ThinLine Cleaners.

ThinLine warranties all products for one year if cared for properly.  Ride and enjoy.