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Dressage Black Padded Snaffle Bridle & Reins


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Distribute Pressure | No Slip | No Rub | Anti-Fungal For Healthier Skin


A comfortable snaffle bridle which gives you a relaxed consistent feel might be the best thing you can do for your horse. Our premium Italian leather bridles are padded both at the poll and on the nose band to distribute pressure. The included ThinLine reins are proven to produce the most amazingly soft, relaxed, even contact your hand can muster.

2222 Black Crank Bridle

The headstall of this Dressage Bridle and Reins is cut back providing plenty of comfortable room for those inquisitive ears. In addition to the padded crown, the noseband leather is threaded through, and runs over the crown piece so it is never on the horse’s poll. The ThinLine padding molds to the horse to create a perfect fit. Easier to clean than traditional leather, just wipe the ThinLine down after your ride.

The Dressage Black Padded Snaffle bridle comes with a full year warranty but more importantly, we guarantee you will see and feel a difference in your riding and we guarantee the reins will improve your communication, contact, and connection to your horse.




NOSEBAND24 3/4″27″29″32″
BROWBAND13 1/2″14 1/2″15″16″
CROWN34 1/4″40 1/2″44 1/2″49″

Tack Care instructions

We strongly recommend using all-natural  ThinLine Cleaners  for our easy-care reins, boots, girths and other tack. The formula is completely safe for the ThinLine foam, and does an excellent job of cleaning the leather too! Simple dish soap will work as well and baby wipes are handy for a quick clean up! Please avoid leather care products; they contain oil which is damaging to ThinLine. While it looks and feels like leather, it is a very special, nonslip, pressure distributing foam. For conditioning the leather, we recommend using a paste-like conditioner (like Horseman’s One Step) so that you can control the application to avoid contact with the ThinLine.

Please be aware that leather care products and chemicals such as Show Sheen and fly spray can cause the foam to harden. 

Is the ThinLine dressage bridle and reins set made with Indian leather or English?Back to product
asked by Anonymous on 2017-11-24 20:55:54
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  1. Thanks for your question! The ThinLine bridles and matching reins are made of Italian Leather. We recently upgraded our premium leather, from English leather to a higher quality Italian leather and will be updating the website to reflect that change.
    Berit Brown answered on 2017-11-27 09:33:37