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ThinLine English Reins

Our reins are made with our state-of-the-art ThinLine material for maximize comfort and stability to optimize horse and rider communication. Shop ThinLine Western and English reins.

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Popular Questions

Below you can see the questions we get asked regularly about our reins.

  • What’s the difference between the barrel rein and the trail rein?
    • Trail reins are 8+ feet long, and Barrel reins are 6+ feet long
  • What are hand stops, and how do I know if I need them?
    • Hand stops are made to keep your hands on the right spot on the reins; if you’re constantly adjusting your reins from moving in your hands, hand stops are for you. Also great for learning the correct rein length to maintain.
    • They are small leather pieces that wrap around the reins in measured segments down each rein.
  • What is the difference between the lined reins and the wrapped reins?
    • Lined reins just have the foam on one side. They are thinner. Wrapped reins are thicker, with the ThinLine foam wrapped around the entire rein. 
    • The lined reins are show-ring appropriate and offer classic style with ThinLine comfort! If you don’t like to ride with gloves, you will love the wrapped reins!