The only saddle pad endorsed by back surgeons, master saddlers and veterinarians.

Horse Boots

The thinnest, most lightweight and breathable horse boot, guaranteed. Durable and so easy to clean. Lined with ThinLine impact protection.

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  • Flexible Filly Lightweight Breathable Air Shock Horse Boots

    Lightweight, airbag, and ThinLine protection. Easy care.
  • Open Front & Ankle Schooling Horse Boot

    Horse Boot ThinLine foam works like memory foam with better impact protection, durability, ventilation, and fit.
  • Flexible Filly Closed Front Splint Boots

    All of the protection, comfort, and fit with none of the hassles.
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    ThinLine Protection Hoof Pads

    Abcess? Founder?  Stone bruise?  Find comfort here.
  • Gatorbootz Bell Boot

    Durability with a dirt-free latching system.