The Best English and Western Saddle Seat Saver – A Game Changer

The Best English and Western Saddle Seat Saver.

ThinLine is excited to offer a game-changing seat saver. Riders may now experience the same shock-absorbing performance of ThinLine saddle pads. The ThinLine material is in direct contact with the rider. Customers have been stunned by their improved ability to sit more quietly and react better to the horses’ motion.

Seat Maker Solutions.

Improved Equitation.

ThinLineSeatMaker 300 x 250Eng FINAL

Better Balance.

Rider Comfort.

Shock Absorption.

Improved Sense of Safety.

What riders are saying.

The new game-changing seat saver has been created using ThinLine,   “it was as though I was able to slow down time, I had more time to gather my horse and apply the aids. Each horse was more relaxed and I was far more comfortable at the end of the day. A bit embarrassing to say but this seat saver showed me how rough I was with my seat bones. When I removed it I discovered I could no longer bear the harsher aids. My horse is more responsive as I am quieter. Magical.” – Elaine, product tester.

The Best English Western Saddle Seat Saver, Its a game changer!