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halter busy buddy
At ThinLine, we only develop products that have benefits for horses and people. Our Busy Buddy (pacifier) was born from our feeling of empathy. Every day, as horsemen ourselves, we see equines who are nervous, stressed, or just bored and exhibit restless behavior. We decided to develop a drug-free, humane way to make their lives better. After developing the Busy Buddy we then looked for a way we could double down on our commitment to creating good for everyone, to that end, we found Person Industries.
When we needed assistance with the production, we turned to our friends at Person Industries who employ adults with intellectual developmental disabilities. At ThinLine, we are excited to be part of a program that helps people with disabilities feel included and accepted in our community. Without them, we would not be able to keep sending this tool out into the world to ease equine stress, in situations like vet & farrier visits, clipping, braiding, being cross-tied, and much more.
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  1. Kim King September 12, 2021 Reply

    Truly a remarkable yet simple product that genuinely works to help horses relax that have certain undesirable behaviors. My horse was recently imported and is a 5 year old PRE – Andalusian. On his travels or possibly prior to his traveling he developed an unusual air gulping that resembles cribbing that he does as soon as he feels any stress at all including standing on the crosstie or even ground tied. He is a horse that internalizes. Nothing we did for him could stop this air gulping until we tried the Busy Buddy. I do NOT usually like gadgets of any kind but out of desperation after a friend of mine suggested (she used one that helped her horse from chewing the crossties) so based on her recommendation I decided to try it and HOLY SMOKES it WORKS!!! I highly recommend.

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