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ThinLine Launches in EuropeThinLine is proud to announce the launch of a new partnership, this partnership, ThinLine, along with Laurens Vandelanotte, a member of the Society of Master Saddlers and an MSFC Qualified Saddle Fitter, is looking to better serve equestrians in and around Europe by having a base of operations closer to European equestrians.

“ThinLine is loved by riders around the world, so it makes sense for us to ensure the products are readily available,” said Elaine Lockhead Castelao, founder of ThinLine. “ThinLine is a small US-based company that began with a simple shock absorbing technology. Keeping with our grass-roots beginnings, ThinLine has partnered with several small international companies, primarily saddle fitters and small shop owners, who are extremely integrated with their customer base and know the horses and riders who will benefit from its use.  Our new partners are excited to bring all the benefits of this great product to much of the world.”

When asked why he chose to work with ThinLine, Vandelanotte said, “ThinLine offers a close-contact pad combined with shock-absorption and anti-slip properties that are fantastic and unmatched in the industry. With the ability to add balance inserts, it’s even more beneficial to me as a professional saddle fitter.”

7305 Pad White with Shim alt 1200ThinLine performs differently from anything else on the market. Instead of compressing, it moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the product. Since it is very thin it has no sheer, meaning, for instance in a saddle pad there is no movement transfer from the pad, so the rider stays very quiet.  It absorbs impact but improves the feel of the rider and the horse. Riders sit quieter, horses lift their backs, it is a two way street of comfort and communication.

“I became a saddle fitter because I wanted to give horses a good, healthy back,” Vandelanotte said. “After what I have seen ThinLine can do for the horse, I loved every part of it. I think ThinLine pads are a must for every horse to help them stay sound and comfortable while working. I have already seen so much difference on horses that I’ve worked with and even professional riders are seeing benefits in back comfort for themselves.”

Europe isn’t the only location ThinLine is expanding into. Soon, ThinLine will also launch new sites for Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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