Supporting the Older Equine with ThinLine


The aging process is natural, and with a little bit of understanding and support from a myriad of sources, riders can greatly improve their horse’s happiness as they learn to connect in a new way; focusing on long-term health, fitness, and wellness. Movement helps to keep strength and flexibility throughout a horse’s senior years. Here … Read more

Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story


Horse Tack Born From Necessity ThinLine Back Story  By Dressage Daily– December 15, 2015–Elaine Lockhead Castelao was a single mother standing in the grocery store line when she noticed the woman in front of her wearing an embroidered horse jacket. They began chatting and Castelao learned that the woman was the first to try to … Read more

How To Choose The Best Girth For Your Horse Or Pony

  What is against your horse is the key. A soft flexible no slip breathable foam is best. Horses come in many body types, well sprung rib cages, high or low withers, sharp or narrow shoulders.  Not all girths will fit all horses the same way. Flexibility in materials is very important.  So too is … Read more