Supporting the Older Equine with ThinLine

The aging process is natural, and with a little bit of understanding and support from a myriad of sources, riders can greatly improve their horse’s happiness as they learn to connect in a new way; focusing on long-term health, fitness, and wellness. Movement helps to keep strength and flexibility throughout a horse’s senior years. Here at ThinLine one of our driving principles is keeping them sound, healthy, and happy!

Many horses lose muscle tone as they age, for a variety of reasons, especially over their topline. Without muscle to act as a cushion, the spine and back have no protection. Discomfort, pressure points, and a whole list of problems can occur without proper support. That’s where ThinLine comes to the rescue! We have numerous options for both English and Western riders in a variety of colors and styles.

Saddle Pads

Using a ThinLine saddle pad alleviates shock and pressure from the horses’ back. It also encourages them to lift and engage through the withers and back, developing new muscle strength. You’ll feel the difference in their stridreflectionse! The signature breathable open-cell foam doesn’t break down over time like gel, wool, or closed-cell foams. These pads offer unsurpassed comfort for your horse. Plus, our shims provide extra shock-absorbing support and allow you to customize your saddle fit to your horse’s unique needs.

Bonus, this is the only product endorsed by spinal surgeons, master saddlers & veterinarians for sore backs, saddle fit, and kissing spine.



As our horses’ age, the benefits of longer, more relaxed rides are proven. We8880 DB Blk Group suggest you turn to our bareback pad. Enjoy shock absorption and non-slip features of the trademark ThinLine foam. Balance, comfort, and security can all be yours in this pad while simultaneously giving your horse comfort and relaxed freedom of movement.

When you’re tacking up, your traditional leather or fleece girth simply won’t compare to a ThinLine option. More like a hug, you’ll never feel this girth slip! We maximized cushioning and breathability where it counts. Horses appreciate the extra soft stabilization it provides, and since it’s so easy to care for, you can use it on every horse. As horses age, they can get a little thin-skinned, and many riders rely on our rub-free products. Hand it to us; our reins, both English and Western, help to ensure a relaxed contact and communication channel between you and your lifelong friend.

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It’s important to protect the delicate structures of the leg from bumps, bruises, brushing against obstacles, or the horse’s own hooves. They also help support the tendons and ligaments in the legs, as older horses can be prone to straining these tissues. Wrap your horse in comfort with our trademark open cell technology. ThinLine doesn’t compress or hold heat on the leg like traditional boots. Pressure points; created from tendons, bones, splints, or wind puffs, are gently shaped with the ThinLine, which rebounds once it is off the horse. Additionally, an anti-microbial agent is infused into the material allowing use on multiple horses. ThinLine foam does not absorb water or collect dirt which means boots stay in place and are easy to maintain.



20181113 101259 2 e1574096483861Hoof Pad

Our state-of-the-art hoof pad relieves symptoms of arthritic joint pain, many hoof diseases, and is excellent for horses with navicular and laminitis. The pads can be placed inside hoof boots for extra cushioning and support, or wrap onto the hoof with duct tape. This hoof pad also features anti-microbial agents which inhibit bacterial growth.




muzzle grazing chestnut

Sometimes we need to manage our horse’s grass intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We designed our state-of-the-art muzzle to be safer, softer, and less behaviorally restrictive than the competition. It is effective and soft on teeth and lips. It is breathable, features an adjustable grazing hole, and is UV resistant.

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