Shock-absorption meets style & support in ThinLine Western Pads

Shopping for a new western saddle pad?  Thinline® has a pad to provide comfort and support for both horse and rider from barrel racers, ropers, trail riders, and everything in between.

Each ThinLine Western saddle pad features a panel of our shock-absorbing foam. (See how we use this with our shock absorbing stirrups for knee protection). Under this panel, you will find an open pocket.  We offer saddle pads and shock absorbing shims for horses in every saddle style and have designed our pads to work well with even the most challenging confirmations. You can stack up to 3 layers of shims in the pocket, providing optimal fit and comfort for your horse.

Western Ranch Saddle Pad Front Shim

We offer several different materials based on the needs and preferences of both horses and riders.

Felt pads are usually made from compressed natural wool and provide many benefits. One of the greatest benefits is the wicking effect compressed wool has. Felt has the ability to draw sweat from the horse and while doing this; it transfers the heat and dissipates it in the felt.  Paired with ThinLine technology, our pads feature 1″ felt and absorb more shock than the market standard 2″ pad. An ill-fitting saddle is not something to put on your horse, but the wool pad does alleviate pressure points some saddles may cause. Overall, a felt pad is often a great material choice for saddle pads. These pads are sure to provide superior protection and comfort.


Cotton pads are the easiest to care for and provide excellent breathability. Our contoured cotton pad can be used by itself, or with your show pad on top. As with all ThinLine pads, the option to shim your pad for a truly custom fit is available.

Our sheepskin pads are so soft, easy to clean, and have superior sweat absorption. We only use sheared wool, which is needled onto a fabric backing. The wool quality, length, and density are more consistent than Merino wool on a natural hide.

The longevity of woven wool is superior to Merino wool on a hide. Generally, the hide is what becomes compromised after it encounters dampness or heat. No sheep are harmed in the making of our pads! Plus, with woven wool, machine washing is simple.

In addition to construction material, you’ll also want to consider the shape of your horse and what pad style would suit it best. Consider working with a saddle fitter, they will be able to recommend what shape pad suits your horse and saddle.7334 P S 2web

Round skirt saddle pads are often used on horses with short backs or for saddles that have a rounded skirt. If you have a horse with high withers, swayback, or a slight dip in its back, a contoured pad is designed specifically to provide relief. The front section of the contour will also alleviate pressure from the withers. Another design option is a cutout saddle pad. These pads have a cutout at the top where the horse’s withers would be. These are helpful in relieving the pressure a pad may have when resting on the withers.

ThinLine delivers shock-absorbing protection for both horses and riders. ThinLine is the only product endorsed by surgeons, master saddlers & veterinarians.

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