Seat Savers for Horse Saddles – Cushion and Comfort

We have all experienced the saddle with the hard seat, the twist that fits our horses but not us, the changes in our figures over the years, all of which results in a less than a perfectly happy ride.  Short of buying a custom saddle which fits both the rider and the horse what are the possible solutions?  First, we should take a look at where riders have historically found challenges and review which products do and do not respond effectively to those. Seat Savers for Horse Saddles cushion and comfort.

The hard saddle

The simplest of the seat issues, virtually any product on the market will help.  Sheepskin, gel or ThinLine saddle seat savers will all be effective.  Lifestyle will contribute the most to your decision.  If you trail ride or work on your horse sheepskin is a bear to keep dry in rainy climates.  Gel Seat Savers are hot in less than temperate climates.

The “undercarriage” issue

The “girl parts” complaint is one of the most common and also one of the most challenging issues to figure out.  As our bodies change the need for a larger seat size in our saddles is often overlooked.  This and the ability to move to a wider twist can frequently solve such issues.  If you are having “undercarriage” issues, we recommend you do not add thick products to your saddle so, sheepskin and gels may only further aggravate you.  ThinLine seat savers are the thinnest on the market and are a good way to provide less movement in the saddle without compromising feel.

Sore seat bones

How to solve this will depend on the cause.  If your horse is a very bouncy mover you may be experiencing sore seat bones from frequent impact and we would recommend a shock absorber like ThinLine.  If it is due to a hard saddle or general equitation issues we recommend you shorten your stirrups and add a fluffy seat saver.


Injured tail bone

As cowboys say; “if you haven’t fallen off, you cannot call yourself a rider”.  Falls resulting in a tailbone injury can result in years of discomfort.  The best strategy for this is a seat saver with shims.  Add a saddle seat saver and a set of saddle fitting shims made of shock-absorbing material. Cut the shims to sit under your seat bones. This will allow you to eliminate contact of your tail bone with the saddle.

Crooked rider discomfort. Seat savers for saddle cushioning, support, comfort and balance too.

All in all, crookedness can be blamed on horses or riders.  Either way, there is a solution for everyone. If your horse is crooked you can use a shimmable pad and shim on one side only. If the rider is crooked, adding a saddle fitting shim under one seat bone can result in an amazing degree of straightness.

Rider Sore Back.

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Should your back be involved in your seat discomfort there are two key features which need to work together in unison to effectively provide relief; shock absorption and sheer (movement) reduction.

Gels and sheepskin provide good shock absorption but they often increase the amount of movement of the seat which can be detrimental to back health. Riders with chronic back pain frequently experience pain fear and

remain tight in the back, trying to reduce the possibility a movement of the horse will tweak their back.  ThinLine saddle seat savers are able to gently and safely stabilize the rider’s seat while also providing shock-absorbing impact protection. – Endorsed by surgeons and authors as in “The Riders Pain-Free Back”.

Seat savers for horse saddles cushion and comfort, ThinLine Rider Reviews.

-A bit embarrassing to say but this seat saver showed me how rough I was riding with my seat bones, Betsy.

-My horse is more responsive as I am quieter. Magical.” – Elaine, product tester.

-This seat saver is so thin I cannot feel it when I ride, except to feel more comfortable. – Roger.

ThinLine is excited to offer a game-changing seat saver. Riders may now experience the same shock-absorbing performance of ThinLine saddle pads in a seat saver. 

Seat Savers for Horse Saddles cushion and saver for Horse Saddles cushion and comfort

In addition, ThinLine seat maker benefits include improved equitation as well as better balance.   At the same time, rider comfort is provided by extreme shock absorption and stability. This same stability also provides riders with an improved sense of safety.

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