Must-Have Western Tack + Accessories


At ThinLine, we know you love your horse more than anything and want them to be happy and comfortable.

Whether you’re taking a walk through the woods, horse showing at the rodeo, moving cattle, or any other western riding, we have some essentials that you and your horse can’t live without!

CBP 9520


Our western rein allows you to communicate with your horse more effectively and has been proven to help with hand, wrist, and arthritis pain. Simply put, they are more comfortable to hold in your hand. It’s also incredibly easy to clean.

Has anyone ever truly gotten leather reins as clean as they were when they bought them? We haven’t! Plus, synthetics like nylon absorb sweat and bacteria – ew, gross. Say goodbye to sweat, grime, and other miscellaneous gunk on your reins. Just wipe off and they are good as new!


CBP 9605

CBP 9600


Next, we’d like to introduce you to the ThinLine cinch and cinch guard. Our cinches are unlike traditional tight, constricting options. This feels more like a hug, it’s soft, flexible, and breathable! Plus, it’s non-slip, anti-microbial, and will not absorb sweat. Can you think of anything better than that?

The cinch guard is the best $20 you can spend! It protects your horse from metal hardware that can pinch and chafe delicate equine skin. Made with our patented ThinLine foam, it’s easy to put on and clean. These also make a great gift for the friend, trainer, groom, or vet who has everything!





Our CBP 9529Ride Right Stirrup Wrap is a real game-changer. Originally developed to relieve knee pain while riding, many riders love this stirrup pad for its stability and slip-free grip. Plus, it’s affordable! As with all ThinLine products, it also absorbs shock and protects joints from impact and stress. You’ll be able to ride longer and avoid stiff knees and ankles.

All of these products are perfect for schooling, showing, or hacking around the farm!

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Photos: Cassidy Brooke Bock Photography

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