Meet the Lockdown Hitch Pin

At ThinLine, innovation is the cornerstone of everything we do. Many equestrians are also involved in daily farm work such as dragging the arena, making hay, hauling and moving equipment, spreading manure, and so much more. These types of tow-behind applications typically require cotter pins to ensure the machinery remains attached to the truck or tractor pulling it.

Cotter pins are often lost out in the field due to impact of the ground, uneven terrain, and rocks. Corn stalks andhitch pin wagon windrows of hay snag, push, and pull these pins out of place and in turn, slow you down and damage your equipment.

Cotter pins are basically the hair tie of farm equipment. Does anyone have an extra one? Where did we leave it last? The list goes on. That’s where the Lockdown Hitch Pin comes in!

Lockdown Hitch Pins replace the need for cotter or similar accessory pins that must be inserted into the bottom hole of the hitch pin. Made from gold oxide plated, heat-treated grade 5, C40. Plus, cut with a chamfered edge to minimize any possible distortion of a corner when struck by an outside force.

Coiled spring pins that are used as the pivot point are made from high-strength, hardened stainless steel. Used to connect any tractor or truck to field implements, wagons, trailers, spreaders, mixers, arena drags, and more!

The locking mechanism is gravity actuated and held in place by its own design.

Screen Shot 2021 06 17 at 12.01.26 PMFast Facts:

  • Meets or exceed the strength and durability of comparable pins on the market
  • Utilizes a much heavier handle and head and is PVC coated for extended life
  • Available sizes in diameters of .75″, .875″, 1″ and 1.125’’.

5/8″ x 5″  Lawnmower, dump carts, rollers, and more
3/4″ x 7″  Hay wagons, small spreaders, hay rakes, bailers, and more
7/8″ x 7″   Medium-sized spreaders, field implements, and more
1.0” x 8”      Farm implements of any kind
1 1/8” x 9” Large scale equipment

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