Gallop into leg protection with ThinLine!

No matter your equestrian discipline, ThinLine has a boot to protect your horse’s delicate legs. With three different styles to select from, we have the fit and function paired with shock-absorbing and breathable ThinLine technology to fit your horse’s unique needs. Plus, these lightweight boots are incredibly easy to care for!

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The pliable, yet firm anatomically molded plastic shell protects tendons from impact, while the ThinLine lining disperses shock and promotes healthy conditions for the horse’s legs. This boot features sturdy double Velcro and elastic closures. The molding ability of the lining allows this boot to fit a variety of horses while still providing a custom-like fit. These leg boots are infused with USDA-approved anti-microbial agents to prevent the spread of skin diseases. One of our favorite features of this boot is that is does not absorb water!

Available in black – full size.



Flexible Filly Air Shock Open Front, Fetlock & Ankle Boots

CBP 7061
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Say hello to your new favorites! This state-of-the-art boot features an integrated air cushion and breathable ThinLine performance foam for the ultimate comfort and impact protection. Ventilated shell offers dual hardness for more protection in critical areas and more flexibility in others. Double locking hook and loop closures and anatomic design ensures boots stay right where you need them. Plus, we added anti-microbial technology to prevent skin fungus & disease. These boots look lovely on all horses and are appropriate for the show ring!

Available in open front, fetlock, and ankle boot – black – full size.



Flexible Filly Lightweight Splint Boots

New5BwebTop-of-the-line horse legs protection in the lightest weight boots on the market! Hexagonal outer design lets heat escape and air flow in while keeping dirt and sand out. Does not absorb water and remains non-slip in both wet and dry conditions. Designed to move and stretch slightly with your horse and lined with ThinLine performance foam for the best in impact protection for a custom-like fit. Perfect for all disciplines and even trail riding! As with all our boots, these are infused with anti-microbial agents. This boot will fit both front and hind legs, most horses wear one size larger for hinds.

Available in medium & large – Black with Brown ThinLine & White with Black ThinLine.

CBP 7169
Photo: Cassidy Brooke Photography

ThinLine leg boots for horses are super easy to care for, simply brush the dirt off and rinse! Feel free to add dish soap or ThinLine cleaner. They will be like new!

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