Grazing Muzzle With Adjustable Grazing Hole

Unlike Other Muzzles on the market, the Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle is made of Supple, Lightweight Material, and Features An Adjustable Grazing Hole.

ThinLine Global introduces a muzzle with an adjustable grazing hole size. Manufactured with food-grade resins this muzzle is comfortable, safe, and effective for the management of insulin resistance and other metabolic issues.  With the ability to adjust the hole size you can easily match the amount of grass to the required hole size to keep your horses safe.

Grazing hole sizes.

Veterinarians recommend a 3.5 to 4 cm grazing hole for safe 24/7 full-time grazing.  A 2 to 2.5 cm hole is recommended for restricted grazing, often required for horses with metabolic issues.  The industry standard is 3cm.

This adjustable grazing muzzle for horses makes it easy to work with your veterinarian to ensure horses are safely turned out to graze on any pasture. The 2cm hole of the Flexible Filly Muzzle may be enlarged to meet any grazing need – all you need, a pair of scissors.

The height of the grass is a vital component of succeeding with your new grazing muzzle. Grass that is too short won’t protrude through the muzzle far enough for the horse to eat, and this can really annoy and frustrate some horses. Very high grass is also hard to eat because it bends over and doesn’t protrude through the holes in the muzzle. Consider how long your pasture grass is before turning a muzzled horse out.  With the Flexible Filly Muzzle you may simply modify the grazing hole to match the height/density of your grass and the caloric needs of your horse.


The Flexible Filly Muzzle is a synthetic resin.  (Resin, a substance of plant origin synthetically created to produce a polymer.)  This gives the muzzle a high tensile strength (+700 psi) and a tear strength of + 550 ibf/in.  The synthetic resin in the Flexible Filly Muzzle complies with FDA requirements for food safety and has natural UV protection. The light, thin appearance contradicts the extreme durability of the polymer material.

“Traditional” muzzles are rigid and present a variety of problems. They can rub or chafe a horse, fill with debris, cause tooth wear, and become hot and uncomfortable.  For owners of horses or ponies with Insulin Resistance or overweight, the constant worry of colic or laminitis (founder) requires regular use of muzzles. Now, with the Flexible Filly Muzzle, owners can choose this lightweight, flexible option as a means to appropriately limit their horses’ grazing.

Flexibility means comfort.

“This Grazing Muzzle is something horse owners won’t feel guilty about putting on their horses,” says Elaine, ThinLine Founder. “We approached the design of this muzzle from the perspective of the horses’ comfort and safety, as well as the owner’s peace of mind.  Compared to other muzzles this one is effective, lightweight, flexible, durable, and easy to care for.

Above all, the supple material is soft on equine faces, teeth, and lips. Preventing tooth wear, sores and general discomfort. And it’s UV-resistant, protecting equine noses from sunburn. The muzzle’s open design allows for extra airflow, further improving equine comfort. Built to be flexible, reducing complications for horses and owners. This muzzle is tested to outlast your turnout halter. Low-profile zip ties included. Easily and securely fastened to any horse halter.  Custom halters designed to make the Flexible Filly Muzzle easy to apply and maintain are also available.

What the developers like best about this muzzle.

In our opinion, horses dislike wearing muzzles because they inhibit the horses’ ability to behave and play normally as they use their mouths a great deal in play and natural herd behavior.  Other muzzles restrict normal play.  The Flexible Filly muzzle is more like wearing a glove than a muzzle.  Watching your horse engage in community behaviors like wither grooming is such a joy to witness.

Horse grazing muzzle with adjustable grazing hole.

Arriving with a 2 cm hole for restricted grazing. This adjustable grazing muzzle for horses has the added benefit of allowing owners to create any grazing hole size they feel will most benefit their horse.

It is time to feel good about your horses’ health.

horse grazing in a muzzle


Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzles. Available online in the USA at .  Or in Europe at .  Also available at select equestrian retailers.

We hope to exceed your expectations.



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