ThinLine Riding Reins offer Security, Comfort, and Connection

 Hands down, our horse riding reins are one of the best products we do.

By virtue of the ThinLine material, we are able to offer you a grip so great it promotes relaxation all the way from the riders hand up to their shoulder and through their upper back.  This is of course received by your horse as a soft, supple, confident connection.

No slip grip.

The way this rein functions as a nonslip is radically different from other reins.  Wet from either rain or horse sweat, the grip is never compromised.  Where it becomes magical; you can ride with a very relaxed hand. The rein softens where your body heat is in contact. If the horse “snatches” the rein all you have to do is close your hand and they will not get a nano-meter of additional length.

Riding with arthritic hands.

Holding tightly to a rein is hard on horses and riders but is more so with arthritic hands.  The beauty of the ThinLine rein is that due to the amazing no-slip “squishy” feel you can ride with a relaxed hand and only grip when it is warranted.

Riding with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Barn work such as mucking stalls and managing wheelbarrows can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.  Give your hands a break while also retaining good contact.

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ThinLine English Classic Wrapped reins arrive feeling like well oiled soft leather. And they remain that way.English Riding Reins Classic Wrapped


ThinLine is not rubber.  Rubber is hard and eventually breaks down. ThinLine Reins arrive supple and strong.  Expect to get 2 to 7 years out of your reins, depending on how hard you are on tack. 🙂


English Riding Reins, Available options.

Classic Wrapped Reins:

  • 48″, 54″, and 60″ lengths
  • Black and Dark Brown
  • Stud hook and buckle end
  • With and without hand stops

Western Reins, Available Options

  • Brown on Brown
  • Black on Natural
  • Eight plus feet of braided cotton is balanced with 31 inches of ThinLine in the center and finished with stainless steel scissor snaps.


Long gone are the days of cramping hands and sore fingers! From the moment you pick them up, ThinLine reins will always feel the same with no break-in time. Guaranteed not to slip even in wet and lathery conditions.


English Riding Reins

What riders are saying about ThinLine English Riding Reins, Classic Wrapped Style.

Kim Gentry– Grand Prix rider & USDF Certified Instructor

I was looking for a pair of reins that had a little more grip especially when they were wet. One of the vendors suggested the ThinLine reins to me. I bought a pair and the next day I went back and bought another pair! I was so impressed with how easy the reins were to grip and didn’t slip out of my hands. In addition, they are really nice and soft but they don’t take away any of the communication with the horse. I now have them on all of my bridles, including double bridles, and ride all of my horses from young horses up to Grand Prix with the ThinLine reins. Several of my clients have purchased the ThinLine reins as they have found that they are ideal.”

Jen J– USDF Bronze Medalist and Blogger

I accidentally touched them when I was at the Dover store – no really, I was looking at the rubber reins, I touched the Thinlines and was like OOOOH. I picked them up and they folded in half over my hands, like a pair of well-oiled leather reins. They were super flexible and while they felt a bit thick, they are narrower than most reins so I didn’t feel like they would be too much in my hand. And wow, I’ve been riding in them ever since. I LOVE these reins, LOVE THEM. They are super comfortable in my hand – the Thinline material has a little give to it, and they’re more of a round shape (but not so much that it’s awkward) than flat leather, so I find them easier to grab. They don’t stretch, and they don’t slip AT ALL. In fact I find that I can hold them in much less of a death grip, even if Paddy’s being strong, which means I’m carrying less tension in my arms and shoulders. They clean up quickly and easily, which is just my style.”

Fernando Cardenas Jr – Veterinarian and top USA Amateur Jumper Rider

“I saw this rein just before entering a jump off.  I NEVER change tack in such a situation, but the rein felt so amazing I put it on my bridle and went into the ring.  After that first ride, I have never used another rein and recommend it to all my friends and fellow jumpers.”

Shera Ann Solomon- eventing rider and trainer

I will now not ride/compete with anything different! And I recommend all my clients get them!”

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* A favorite of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. A must-have for eventers and hunters. Trail riders also cannot get enough of the comfortable feel.

*We guarantee you will develop softer contact and will have a steadier, more consistent feel with improved confidence in this non-slip rein. Easy to hold, riders with arthritis can hold the rein with improved comfort.Sidelines Business Ad Qtr Vers 3


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