The Lakota Ride and ThinLine work to create a unified community of horsemen

The 400 mile Lakota Ride Horse Riding Trail, July 2018, is an invitation by The Lakota People to the entire equestrian community.  This ride,  from Denver and onto the Pine Ridge Reservation, is designed to bring the Lakota People and others together to encourage healing and understanding between the Lakota Nation and those who do … Read more

American Indian Horse Tack Lakota Project: The Back Story.

NATIVE AMERICAN TACK LAKOTA PROJECT: THE BACK STORY. Five years ago I met a gentleman who, while raised Comanche, found himself entrenched in western medicine as a surgeon.  He had many a man, woman and child die under his knife. He spent his summers on horseback. Living off the land, the way his mother had … Read more

Native Americans Speak about Riding and Working with Horses

There are only three reasons horses do not travel round, relaxed, and through: Fear, Pain, and Confusion.  As creatures of flight fear is often a horse’s first response to new stimuli. Horses look to their rider to be a leader and rely upon them to communicate whether the situation requires their attention or if they can trust their rider to lead them … Read more