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Category: Saddle Pad Protects Backs

The only horse saddle pad endorsed by spinal surgeons, veterinarians, equine chiropractors and riders for sore backs in horses or riders.

Endorsed by spinal surgeons to remove impact and reduce rider movement to protect backs and improve equitation.

Endorsed by veterinarians for many sore back issues including kissing spine disease.  Recommended by vets for horses in intense working conditions or for horses with heavy riders to maintain equine back health.

Used by top riders and trainers in every discipline to improve equine movement, comfort and performance.

The only saddle pad with a shimming system designed to improve saddle fit while providing shock absorbing benefits.

Shock absorbing ThinLine is sewn onto many products. Cotton. Sheepskin. Felt.  Riders may choose their favorite textiles to add to the shock absorbing foam.