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This best-seller is made to order!

ThinLine Basic Pads are a fan favorite and trusted by many top equestrian athletes and everyday horsemen. English Basic Saddle Pads offer excellent back protection for both the horse and rider. These pads are discreet and provide top-of-the-line protection right under the saddle. The ThinLine material used in the pads absorbs shock and reduces pressure points, which makes your horse feel comfortable and free in the back. Additionally, the ThinLine ventilates heat across the pad and is non-slip. The pads create stability and support, generating confidence and freedom of movement for your horse. If the cost is not a serious barrier, we recommend choosing the contour pad, as the more ThinLine foam you have, the better the pad works.

Did we mention how easy this material is to care for and clean?  They don’t even require washing!  That’s right, just wipe it off and store it completely flat.  This pad is breathable and durable, built to last.

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  •  Ultimate protection for both horse and rider’s back
  •  Provides maximum shock absorption without altering saddle fit or rider feel
  •  Improves rider equitation
  •  Tailored and discrete
  •  Open-cell technology creates breathability
  •  Product durability –  can last up to 7-10 years
  •  Supple, it molds for a custom fit when warmed to body temperature
  •  Non-slip

ThinLine Basic Pads can last a decade or more, making it our most economical pad!

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IJKThinLine Basic Contour


Thickness & Sizing

ThinLine (3/16″, 4.8mm) is our thinnest shock-absorbing saddle pad. Thoughtfully designed to protect both horse and rider’s backs ThinLine creates a soft, quiet, elastic connection. This product reduces rider movement and helps horses balance and focus. It does not amplify the seat, it reduces “background noise” so the rider’s seat aids are clear.

English Basic Half Pad Sizing:
19.5″ spine length | 18″ across the shoulder | 14″ across the seat

English Basic Contour Pad Sizing:
20.5″ spine length | 25″ across the shoulder | 14.5″ across the seat

You’re prepared for anything when you ride with ThinLine!  To shop basic pads, visit

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